Junkrat Damage Fix, Clarification Please?


We have experienced Junkrat dealing Zero damage with direct hits from both Grenades and Mines. Is this what you fixed? The description isn’t well… descriptive… on what the fix did exactly and how.

Please explain what caused the issue.
What was happening specificly.
And how it was resolved.


By the power of threadomancy, I command this topic to rise from it’s grave!


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My spell is working!


Devs, I hope you can see this!


Btw, OP, your title kind of sucks.


junkrat is a big ugli
idk about that bug op his nades keep bouncing me and killing me when he wasnt even facing anyone


Nades have been passing through targets sometimes since the size nerf.


all they have to do is read the post, but ive updated both for clarity.


Clarification Please.


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I wish they would though


All it takes is 1 person to relay information. How bout it.


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All it takes is a little communication


I already told you, your effort is futile!

Hang in there though


Guess whose back
And he wants rat fixed


I cant help it. I just want the game to be good and fair.


Thank you, kind soul.