Junkrat Could Need A Nerf


About a month late bud sorry. Wait till the whole sombra situation blows over and try for another junkrat nerf if you can’t step 3 paces to the left when fighting him.


Your logic could use a buff.


Just dodge them dude loooooool
Just shoot him dude, click on his head dude looooool


Let me ask you a question, when pretty much every map has a choke point (said “hallway”), how are you not going to walk into it?

Also his 120 damage panic mine is a thing.


Don’t forget the fact that most of the time the junkrat spam comes from behind a wall which means you can’t even hit the junkrat


Don’t forget that spamming from behind a wall is a horribly ineffective way of playing Junkrat either.


Uh oh someone can’t avoid bouncing grenades we must nerf. And in all honesty how does he charge his ult in less than 6 seconds. In 6 seconds he is still airborne from jumping out of the spawn. Please explain how he charges in less than 6 seconds.


I do agree with the ult charge.

You would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t hear riptire used more then any other ult.


I knew someone would say something about me mentioning junk being able to charge the ult in less than 6 seconds, on YouTube search "Junkrat fastest ult 100% (in 3 seconds without damage boost) and click on the video that has junkrat’s “I’m flying” intro as thumbnail, just watch it and you’ll see HOW he charges the ult in less than 6 seconds


Yes it does charge fast, but I can’t see how it is possible in less than 6 seconds as OP states. I play junk alot if that was the case I would say charge needs to be changed.


The only way it charges in 6 seconds is if everyone is playing tank, bunched up together and all taking the full potential damage from a clip.



OK you got me I just watched it. I am wrong


Most of those are pretty good solutions if he was overpowered, but I don’t really think that’s the case. For the most part his kit is currently okay, albeit a little strong up close.

One thing I do agree with though is that his ult charges way too fast.
I understand it’s partly balanced by the fact that it’s destructible, but a good junkrat can keep it out of sight until the last second about 90% of the time.
Junk has massive potential AoE damage, and I don’t think that is properly factored in with his current ult charge rate.


By going to a different chokepoint? By using a high mobility character to go over it? By walking through it anyway but using your tank’s help? There are plenty of options.

Also, Junkrat being able to kill you is a good thing. This is a game in which people kill each other. If you had a 100% chance of either successfully countering a target or completely avoiding that target, that target would be severely underpowered.


Sure, going to a different chokepoint. If the entire team goes to a different one, that would mean, ignoring the payload


Oh look, he disappears at plat.

This is a broblem with the players, not a balancing issue


Yet still effective enough to consistently get ult charge and even kills.


He’s more or less fine right now, the only thing really “over powering” about Junkrat is how fast Riptire comes online but I think the Concussion Mine nerf and wider positioning deals with that at higher levels of play.


I didn’t even mention comp, I was talking about Junkrat in general


Oh no, the same lowbies are struggling whenever we buff ANY defense hero


and I did not say that I struggle with him since the two mine buff. I’m talking about JUNKRAT not low level/rank play things