Junkertown queen's voice has been removed from junkertown and her weapons are gone from her throne

(Michael Chu) #88

I’m pretty sure they’re still there!


Its pretty clear this is a Orisa->Doomfist scenario.

Weird hero that was teasing fan favorite hero gets released then fan favorite hero gets released next.


Oh well… guess she’ll be coming another day…


I thought the weapons vanishing was debunked as a LOD issue with low graphics settings. They were still there on the other settings.


If they are then that does make sense actually, given that sometimes bastion’s spent bullet cartridges spew out of the gun and other times it doesn’t.

(Michael Chu) #93

Or it could have been the ghost of Junkertown! :ghost:


I forgot about the ghost, what’s he up to these days?


Ghost hero confirmed!


Introducing the new overwatch hero, Casper, your friendly neighborhood ghost!


What have Chu done? Now we’ll never hear the end of how the next hero is a ghost.


Next thing you know, the forums are ablaze with posts about how the next hero could be the ghost of Jetcat…


its just a theory that she is secretly an agent of talon who is using the junkers for resources, i mean the people who create this game just let a small hamster dominate the junkers and make them look stupid so why not make the junkers even more of a joke

also the weapons only dont turn up on lower graphical settings they are still there


He’s a genius engineer too. I wouldn’t dismiss him just for being a hamster.


its more about the fact that they let something that looks like it could be an omnic into junkertown without even asking for some form of identification, they just let a trojan into junkertown without any issues :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe they didn’t just let him in. His mech doesn’t really look like your average omnic after all. Could have just rolled up to the door and popped out of the mech.


Maybe she’s gone to look for Mako.


well maybe they didnt let him in but once he got in i can imagine they would attack on site, you think to be a famous scrap yard champion some kind of identification would be needed, i cant imagine the junkers would be too happy with anything rolling around their town without knowing what/who it is


That doesn’t really make sense at all considering that Mako Rutledge is roadhog… Considering the lore and the junkertown short, the queen probably doesn’t care about roadhog and junkrat, and only wants them to stay out.


The only reason she actually has any interest in junkrat is because she wants to get her hands on his treasure that he has buried somewhere out in the outback, or at least we assume he hasn’t buried because in a voice line interaction with Hanzo he mentions him burying it because it’s apparently too large to fit on his person


Well maybe she’s mad he TRIED to blow up Junkertown with Junkrat. A woman scorned…