Junkertown Disabled in Quick and Competitive Play

Okay! Please take your sweet time investigating the issue! ahem To make sure you get rid of the bug for good of course

Please keep it disabled as long as possible


Junkrat and Roadhog would like to have a word with the manager


Along with the Junker Queen…


game: fixed

This happened to me yesterday and I lost 50 SR for it. Pls give back SR thanks :)))))))))))))))))


yeah i was there :)))

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Check the Vod I actually DID LOSE 50 SR THO PLEASE BLIZZARD :)))))))))

Bruh it’s 50 SR just win it back lol


Ya the load times were off the last few days when i loaded in.
I would like like 3 sec to pick my hero before it was time to move out and set up.

Server crashes like the one Josh describes above usually results in the “Server closed due to unexpected error” and that will not have a penalty. If you were penalized it is more likely due to a disconnection. In any case, Blizzard does not refund skill rating lost, but it is easy to recover it by simply playing Competitive game to full normally and allow your SR and hidden MMR to resync.

Can you find a bug with Temple of Anubis and Hanamura instead?


This has gone on long enough, you’ve already broken your promise to us of making colony and paris more playable (I was fine with them before). Now you’re removing maps and not fixing the glitches for weeks at a time? Please get your crap together.


Do you even care if OW is relevant, isn’t a sequel due?

another week without it fix, I mean come on its been how long sense Colony and Paris has been out of comp? now Junkertown, either fix you game or find someone better to do it

C’mon guys don’t be mad, we got a crappy new deathmatch map in exchange for Junkertown! Blizzard giveth, Blizzard taketh away… srsly though, please get your sh*t together and fix Junkertown at least. We all know that you’ve given up on Paris and Horizon anyways…

I miss Junktown, please restore it! <3

I look forward to junkertown’s return. Really good map!

now horizon if it was bugged… :rofl: is another story, for another day.

Junkertown has been re-enabled in Quick Play and Competitive on all platforms. Thank you for your patience!


only took a full month and a new map

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