Junkenstein's revenge black screen

The event is broken I join the game to black screen and can’t pick a hero. Everyone else in the game said the same was happening to them.

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Hey there Haze33E, we’re looking into this more, but any additional detail you can provide is useful. What platform were you playing on? If you restart your game does it still happen? etc.

Thanks for the report and sorry for the hassle!


On PC it was the challenge version of junkenstein with the ghost. It stopped happening after I restarted my game.

Same issue here, but I just needed to go back to the main menu and it was fine. Esc - Leave game


I had this happen I think on the ghost challenge on PS4. I couldn’t see any heroes, but the commands on the bottom were still visible. So, I could see that I had landed on Torb (bottom left said “select Torbjorn” or some such) and was able to move back and forth using the dpad. Once I selected a hero, the hero select visuals showed up.