Junkenstein arcade win counter broken...again/still

I know, there are a few threads on this but none blizz has replied to so…lets have another! Junkenstein FAILS to give the proper points towards weekly challenge upon completion. If I say, win 5 of them in a row, I SHOULD have 10 points, but I don’t. I will have some wonky bs like 5 points…this problem existed back in the anniversary event and was not fixed then. It needs to be fixed now. It is definitely GAME BREAKING. I have to log all the way out and back in between matches to get each win to count?..c’mon now…


I won 6 games showed 2/9 or 2/27 however you want to look at it. Started restarting between every single frigging game this should be fixed by now

Blizzard needs to get a grip and fix this known issue

I can say I have the same issue too but the developers are fully aware of this issue.

“fully aware” yet since the anniversary event with the SAME BUG…have done nothing about it…call me a tinfoil hat, but I can’t help but think blizz KNOWS this would be the easiest and fastest way to get credit, so they purposely borked it /shrug. They like seeing the playtime numbers high…just sayin =X

That bug regarding the Anniversary event not crediting towards challenges was affecting all gamemodes not just Junkenstein. And also why would they “purposely” bug something in a game if that’s probably one of the stupidest theories I have ever heard like I have NEVER heard a game developer purposely putting a bug in a video game. Even then expect the bug to be fixed by tomorrow which believe me it’s dumb it happened at the first place but what can you do about it.

You may also ask why it’s taking them almost two weeks to do that which it mainly has to with the fact the each patch has to go through a certification by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo which takes about 1-2 weeks to do to be sure there isn’t anything broken on their particular platform and plus it cost a lot of money to put out just one patch for each platform which I think they held it off for a little more to also include to cowboy’s new name Cole Cassidy along with all of the re-recordings they had to do.

Edit: The bug has been fixed now


As a friendly reminder, the work around is to either restart the game client after every PVE match, or play PVP modes to get the weekly challenge credits and then play the PVE modes as much as you like afterward.