Jump Height is NOT consistent for specific jumps


Kinda vague patch note, but I did some testing and sort of figured out what changed…

  • All heroes have had their jump heights adjusted
  • Jump heights are now very clearly either a standing jump or a running jump.
    • Standing jump height (which is now significantly shorter than it used to be), is the same height for all heroes.
    • Running jump height (which existed prior to this patch), is now also the same height for all heroes?


With the knowledge that standing jumps are now shorter than they used to be, some jumps have been made more difficult, and with even more testing, I’ve discovered that these jump heights are NOT consistent with each other.

There are certain jumps that some heroes can do that other heroes can’t.



This isn’t because of jump height, this is because heroes have capsule shaped collision. Fatter heroes have a larger capsule radius and therefore slide off of things more easily. The most common example of this is the jump from blue tarp when setting up as a defender on Gibraltar. Characters like Roadhog often almost make it, but slide off.


In the PTR patch, they changed jump height across all characters where a standing jump is now much shorter than it was previously. Running jumps remain unaffected.

This change breaks a lot of jump tech, especially in vertical spots like these where you have to make multiple skill jumps onto particular objects.

If collision has anything to do with this specific jump, it’s because the awning post is sloped and there’s just a tiny little portion of that ramp that you need to stand on to perform the jump.

If the goal of the change was to standardize and make jump height consistent, they need to take into account the popular jumps like these and make them consistent as well.


The awning post isn’t necessarily sloped. If it’s flat, but you can only make contact it with the curved part of your collision capsule, you’ll still slide off.


I’m bumping this because I run into this issue on the live client now. It’s insanely frustrating to attempt taking a route that has always worked just fine for everyone, only to find out that an unspecified amount of heroes is no longer capable of making it.
The jump in OP for example is an extremely useful one to take the high ground for main tanks if the defending team is further in the back, but alas, they can no longer make it. Prior to the jump change, every hero was able to make that jump. The larger framed ones like Orisa and Roadhog had a smaller margin of error, but it was still perfectly doable. Now it’s physically impossible. Tarp or not, it’s incredibly inconsistent and I cannot believe that this was an intended side-effect for a change that was supposed to make jumps ‘universal’ across the board.