July 16 2019 - Wrong Servers After Summer Games Update

Same. It’s routing properly now.

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hey guys yes everything should be back to normal, i did have a call from comporium but i was unfortunately at work in a meeting. :slight_smile: thanks for all the help and everyone working together.

While accidentally login into live instead of PTR and queuing for comp… It’s actually fixed for me as well. I appreciate the work a lot, but at the same time i am still disjointed that none really talked about it and acknowledged the real problem officially and telling people whats going on. But thank you for fixing it though.

It seems only partially fixed still having issues on my end though my issues have been around since the start of the month

Hey all,

For those who have the NTT issue, we’ve made a change on our end to see if we could affect things. Is anybody still getting routed through Japan? If so, please run a new WinMTR and let’s see that info so we can see what’s up.



My latency has returned to normal values (30-33) for the last several matches so it seems fixed for me. The last 2 days have not had a single normal latency match. Seems I am being connected to the correct servers too (Chicago) usually. No more connections to South America so far.


BIG NEW EVERYONE they actually fixed it for at least just me has it been good for others?

Im all good, its fixed for me :smiley:

No good here o/ Think it’s the issue with level3 everyone was having before the event.

I logged in apparently right after the fix and was finally able to play normally. I was going to post on here right away but stuff irl came up. Thank you for fixing this.

Yuppers, fixed. At least I don’t have the problem so far last 6 games

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My latency is now fixed

When doing WinMTR to the correct server (, the latency and routing issue is fixed. However, when I join the actual game, it is putting me on syd2. (I’m in US East) So I’m still experiencing latency issues because I’m now getting routed through Japan to go to an Australian server.

Also experiencing this problem, keep getting connected to servers in south america and australia, I’ve taken to blocking outbound connections to those servers on my firewall to get routed properly. Its a workaround, and a pain in the hind end, but at least I can play on a server in NA again afterwards.

Still getting this and it’s very annoying.

Hey Lethasias, fenrir00, and Sk3wlbus,

The primary issue here was resolved almost two weeks ago. Can you please send in the tests we requested if you’re still having problems? If we don’t get any more tests demonstrating the problem, we’re just going to close the issue down. however, I suspect all of you have different problems now which are similar to this one, but not the same. We may need to break you off into your own threads.

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