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0822-2942-1122 indonesia number


It’s your WhatsApp name TR*ST ?

Yes, that’s right
actually my name is Andyka Darrien, it’s my status that shows “TR*ST”

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My number add me to the whatsup group plz

Hey my number is a US number so (240-521-1881) or (+1-240-521-1881)

Ugh PC only ;-;
I’m on ps4 ;-;

Hey! I’d love to have a whatsapp group to share and discuss Overwatch content! I’d appreciate it if you could add me +201221056820


Hello, I’d love to join the group :smiley: , here’s my number: +1(703)401-6367

Why in the world would anyone post his number on a internet forum.



I’m from Singapore :singapore:, can you pls add me in your WhatsApp group, I’m a Zenyatta main

Guys, do u think its a smart idea to post your personal number here?

you might get doxxed