Jjonak gets 22 seconds dragonstrike recharge with new storm arrows

The CD for Mercy’s revive is even longer and that’s just a normal ability. I’m so upset with this meta that I don’t feel like playing anymore.

I don’t think I can link here, so just go to competitive overwatch reddit if you want to take a look at it.

Anyone who claims Hanzo is balanced is out of their minds.

Edit: Scroll down a little, Bloggerman posted the video.

Edit 2: Ok, too many people are going about this the wrong way. People keep stating that other DPS can get the same ultimate charge. Has everyone forgotten how McCree used to get complaints about his flashbang FTH combo deleting tanks?

The main issue about Hanzo right now is he can pull off really ridiculous feats where he forces enemies out of position with ultimates, burst down shields quickly, flanks with no worries, one-shots tanks and supports alike.

It’s going to be a nightmare if people master the current Hanzo.


Geguri got a grav 43 seconds or so after swapping.
Nerf Zarya.

To answer seriously: Geoff said that if the nerf to storm arrows isn’t enough to make the ult charge longer, they’ll increase the ult charge needed.


Genji can manage it in 12 seconds, this was post ultimate nerf.

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And people say Valkyrie charges fast!

That must have been horrifying for the other team, good job on him though.

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Really good player charged an ult fast. You want to nerf the ult then, but I find the dragon strike to be a easy ult to shut down because he yells dances and than shoots it.

Good tracers can charge pulse bombs, and I don’t have a problem with that. If the ult was really good like blade or rip tire. I’d agree, but dragon strike is meh.


Dragon strike is amazingly fun in the right situatoins.



On my phone so I can’t watch those, but I’m sure it’s dragons killing people. Im sure I could find you a video of pulse bomb killing people.

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I called it even during the PTR that he gains ult way too fast.

However they said they are nerfing the damage on his storm arrows and that will affect his ult charge as well.

Is this the video?

Wow, he’s good.


I think Blizzard should get some OWL players or something to help them test reworks/new heroes internally. Overtuned heroes like this should never pass through internal testing + PTR and reach live.

This madness should 100% be fixed during internal testing.


What about Fissure? 2 earthshatters in 6 seconds xD nerf Rein or nerf Fissure?


Who the hell says Valk charges fast? Valk needs 25 seconds of nonstop healing, after you finish your Valk your team’s likely already topped off if you won that fight so it would take forever to charge. The only support ults I can think of that charge fast are Moira’s and Brigette’s.

Being able to get dragonstrike in around 20 seconds is nothing new… You could do it with the old hanzo as well. The only reason people are throwing a fit about it is because he’s shiny and new so EVERYONE is playing him, hence why you’re just now noticing this…


I’ve seen people in quick play charge it just as fast if not even faster.

Since his normal arrows are landing a lot more it’s not going to make much of a dent nerfing storm arrow. It’s only 10 damage gone from each arrow and they didn’t mention touching the cool down.


Probably won’t. i am just quoting what I have read.

But it’s okay for Genji to do this:



There are other examples. These are literally charging most of their ults, just off deflect.

The one thing I might like to see if it has any impact is for Hanzo’s ability to charge his ult, while one is currently active (note that his ult does not charge his ult, but if he’s actively hitting with M1 or Storm Arrows, he will gain Ult Charge.)



Deal with it actually Geoff even mentioned his next nerf caused him concern with him generating less ultimate charge. :laughing:


It is a bit more than that.

It is a dragon being blindly shot without knowing where a single enemy is and killing 5 people, spread out in an area of 60m.

well, we are gonna be waiting awhile, storm arrow will still be OP after the slight damage nerf.

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