Jeff says that we need to play more PTR


…so maybe give us some incentive or actually make changes to the PTR.


The PTR is just used for bug testing.
They don’t listen to feedback, so it doesn’t matter.


Not true, lucio and sombra nerfs reverted in the PTR.


would be nice if we could have more updated settings in the ptr.
my settings stayed like 3month in the ptr making it unplayable…
and yea what we win in the ptr is not transfered in the live so everything is lost anyway.


i think reverting and changing values for example damage are two different things
changing how much life steal has Reaper (f.e. 40% instead of 50%) and testing it is better then reverting the whole change
and i mean ptr should be for more experimental things


Why play PTR if something goes up there and wont be changed?
When was the last revert on PTR? When Ana got a healing meganerf more than a year ago?


thats what I mean



PTR should be one to one with the main game.

Too bad that might take a little effort so they don’t bother


jeff says so much, he has no idea.

in the past there was so much good feedback, and blizz ignores everything, only to nerf some buffs later.

but hey, flying with mercys ultimate is so much fun and ow balancing is on a good state!


Would be nice if they gave it to console users like Battlefield 4 did.


Jeff needs to listen instead of going against people.
Can’t admit even one mistake, nothing, no it’s always the players in fault. Keep blaming and not listening, but don’t expect to convince people then.
If we don’t go the same front but instead opposite directions, it’s not up to the mass to change direction and follow Jeff.


Yeah, recent behaviour at Blizzcon and even on streams has been outright childish about this kind of thing, too


I’d have to not be on console to play the ptr in the first place so that’s their problem and not mine, also i see no point in testing something when they usually put it live anyways with bugs and everything and only make minor adjustments.


or just ignore player’s feedback.


It really doesn’t help when you make changes to a major aspect of many characters kits and then soon after put up an event which only works on the Live version.


Why should I, or others in my region, play PTR when it’s 10+ minute queues and a constant 300 ping minimum?

It’s unplayable over here. No thanks.

I have to agree with this, normally I like Jeff but his behaviour has really rubbed me the wrong way recently.


Another idea is not having a PTR patch at the same time as a limited time challenge. I appreciate both, but I am not going to play twice as much Overwatch to test the PTR (especially since I know my friends will not play the PTR with me).


How broken can an Engine be… WHEN you only change how armor works and some other tiny things and you still need to have to PTR tested for 1-2 weeks?


Why? Its not like they listen to us anyway. The reason why people dont play is because they dont listen.


Why tho? It is supposed to be a testing realm but every time they put the PTR up, it is like the changes are already set in stone and don’t care about our feedback. We’ll say we don’t like the changes and offer so many post regarding the changes and what can be done, but we don’t even get a response.