Jayne just called out Teleporter for being bad

Photon Shields only gave 25 shields. That’s not even a melee’s worth of damage.

1.0 also had a shorter range than 2.0 did. It was a single target Brigitte mace with no self heal.

She has one on her gun.

25 can make a difference. It can mess up widows pattern, for example, if they’re used to precisely shooting at a certain level of charge.

It means mccree takes 4 body shots, and can’t kill on 1 headshot+1 body shot, instead needing 2 headshots.

It means a damage boosted Ashe can’t oneshot 200hp characters.

A little difference can go a long way in terms of TTK.

I would very much enjoy it if Symmetra got back her 25 shield boost as an aura around her.


Why do people have to wait for streamers/owl/youtubers to point out obvious things that the community already have feedback on during the PTR phase.

Its a joke. Sym is a joke. She has been a joke for as long as the game has existed.

I dont need someone who has more followers than me to tell me something I already know.


still valuable

what? the tele?

People literally said this same thing about bypassing choke points when the rework was in progress. Lo and behold, it’s not even remotely the case. Besides, the entire point of the rework was to make her useful at something, so being afraid of her being wanted is nonsensical.


mystery heroes and meme modes btw

i get teleporter needs buffs (.7s faster deployment will do much) but you can do better than bring up joke custom game modes where nobody is trying to win

People really have this resistant “godforbid Sym be useful” mentality when it comes to trying to buff her out of F tier. It’s kind of exhausting.

Buff her damage? But then she might DO DAMAGE!

Buff her tp? But then it might be STRONG!



Contend with amp it up? Lol, they aren’t even remotely the same like cmon

It’s so much easier to keep the status quo of being able to ignore her existence.

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A buff to the deploy time would be reaSonable. Its longevity would be good too. I say let all teles be destroyed rather time out.

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I agree that some people think she’s fine where she is solely because they hate her, and that’s misguided.

But some of the suggestion that Sym mains have made are actually absurd, too, and it can feel like they want their UP hero to have OP aspects to make up for her being so underwhelming for so long.

IMO I want to see what increased teleported deployment would do, as well as possibly bumping her HP with 25 more shields.


Wondering who else called it… cough terrible cough… (honestly I don’t have time to put up the link.)

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The biggest hindrance to making Sym good are Sym mains tbh. They hate anything that changes the character at all.

Like, her old lockon beam was fundamentally broken, and could never be made balanced, but they were just FIXATED on it.

Sym’s much closer to balance now, but as far as most of them are concerned, putting it back would be the best thing ever.


Also, does anyone have an idea what Sym’s supposed role is anymore? Sometimes I think it’s meant to be barrier-breaker, but both Junkrat and Hanzo can do it much more efficiently from a far safer distance. Her primary doesn’t really work as an anti-flanker as it’s hard to track Tracer and Genji before they burn her down. The other beam character, Zarya, has longer range, ability to keep herself from harm, and more health/shields.

So yeah, what is the idea behind Sym anymore?


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Her weapon.

I still giggle when I remember the suggestion that players use the new teleporter to escape Grav Surge. Like… Geoff… didja even try that first?


I liked sym’s lock on beam


I’m not talking about current Sym (3.0). I’m talking about how 1.0 had a shorter range than 2.0 did.

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