Japanese Kiriko comic - translation

Through various ways, I believe I have managed to translate the comic about Kiriko recently released in Japan (single chapter, made for advertising purposes). If some of you know Japanese better, some corrections might be useful. :kissing_closed_eyes:

link: https://www.corocoro.jp/episode/14079602755562986214

  1. the comic is an official prequel to the Yokai lore by Blizzard x Weekly CoroCoro;
  2. Single chapter, no others incoming;
  3. Japan reading: from right to left. https://d4804za1f1gw.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/78/2023/04/picture-2-.jpg

What does the story contain?
It takes place before Kiriko formed the Yokai group. The protagonists are three boys seen in the origins video: Nobuto (Tanuki boy), Sakura (Amabie girl) and Ryōta (Oni boy). They would like to confront the Hashimotos who are demanding tribute in Kanezaka’s various activities, when suddenly Kiriko (masked as a ninja) intervenes. The Hashimotos kidnap the three boys on the orders of a group leader, Kuroura Keigo, believing that they are responsible for the numerous attacks against the yakuza. Kiriko saves the group and inspired by the mysterious Ninja’s actions, Ryōta decides to gather information on the Hashimotos to boycott them, hoping that the mysterious girl will also join them.

PAGE 1 - 9

[PAGE 1]

The official one shot comic!

[PAGE 2]

This is the story of a hero.
日本, 鉄坂 - Japan, Kanezaka

(ノブト) - Nobuto

  • またケガふえてね|か。
    You were injured again.

  • ヤクザ相手にhimケンカなんていつか殺さるぞ
    If you face a yakuza, sooner or later you will be killed.

(リョウタ) - Ryota

  • 鶏白湯大, 盛りで。
    A large portion of chicken broth.

(サクラ) - Sakura

  • ノブト,

  • リョウタに 何言ってもムダよ。
    whatever you say to RYota is useless.

  • ウチの親のとこも 今月何度も金の 取り立てが来たつてさ。
    My parents also received several money collection calls this month.

  • ヤクザが鉄坂に来てから him ロクなことないよ
    It hasn’t been easy since the Yakuza arrived in Kanezaka.

[PAGE 3]

  • 何も行動しないのはもう him うんざりなんだよ!!
    I’m tired of doing nothing!

  • この町は 俺たちの 街なんだぜ!!
    This is our city!

  • おちつけて。
    Take it easy.

  • あ, わい…
    Oh, but…

  • 他の客も himいるんだから.
    You disturb other customers.

  • ノブト, 私にも水.
    Nobuto, some water for me too.

  • いらっしゃ…

[PAGE 4]

  • 今月のみかじめ料 回収しにきたぜ, ばあさんよお
    I came to collect the month’s installment, old woman.

  • あんた たち…
    But you guys …

  • “おんたたち” じゃねえよ.
    We are not “guys”.

  • "橋元組の皆さん"だろうがあ
    We are from the “Hashimoto group”!

  • おい よせつて!
    Hey, let it go!

  • アン夕, ケガしてんでしょ?!
    You’re still hurt, remember?!

[PAGE 5]

  • みかじめ料ってのは 土地代だけじゃねえ.
    The security fee does not include rent.

  • 用心棒の金でもあるんだ, お得な him ビスだろお?
    There is also the bouncer’s fee to include, isn’t that a good deal?

  • 何がサ ビスだ この野郎!!
    What kind of service is this, you bastard!

  • あ

  • この町から 出ていき やがれ!!
    Get out of this town!

  • 素人が…

[PAGE 6]

  • ?!

  • 停電?!
    A blackout?!

  • 一体何…
    But what the heck…

[PAGE 7]

  • おい誰か明かりを.
    Hey, someone turn on the light.

  • なんだ, 一体何が起きてる!?
    What the hell is going on!?

  • そこか!?
    What’s going on there?!

[PAGE 8]

  • 今のは… 忍者!?
    Maybe he is… a ninja?!

[PAGE 9]

  • あ, 兄貴!!
    Ah, bro!

-ブレカ himは…
The switch…

  • 確かここ.
    I’m sure it’s here.

  • あれつ.
    But what…

  • さっきの人は?
    Who was that before?

  • ねえ, 今 何があったの?
    Hey, what just happened?

PAGE 10 - 19

[PAGE 10]

(Cellphone) 山神 朝 Asa Yamagami

  • もしもし?

  • ママだけど. 今, 外かしら?
    I’m mom. Are you out now?

  • うん, 外で タ飯食べてた.
    Yes, I was having dinner out.

  • 前にドーナツを “ごはん” って 言い張ってたけど
    Let’s be clear that donuts are not “dinner”.

  • 今日はちゃんとした食事でしようね?
    Are you even having a decent meal today?

  • も, もちろん!

  • ラーメンだけど.
    (Even if it’s just ramen…)

  • …まあいいわ.
    Everything is fine.

[PAGE 11]

  • キリコ, 聞いて.
    Kiriko, listen.

  • 橋元組に友抗したつて人間を組が探し回ってるの.
    The Hashimotos are looking for a group of kids who have rebelled against them.

  • その事について何か知らない?
    Do you know anything about it?

  • 知らない!

  • へー, 外は危ないみたいね.
    But it seems dangerous to stay outside.

  • すぐ帰るよ, じゃ.
    I’ll be right back then.

  • ごめんねママ.
    Sorry mom.

  • 戦わないと皆を守れない.
    (If we don’t fight, we can’t protect anyone.)

  • 鉄坂を守れるのは私しかいないから!
    (Because I’m the only one who can protect Kanezaka!)

[PAGE 12]

  • 取り立て中に 邪魔が入った.
    An unexpected event happened during the harvest.

  • 暗闇の中で何が起きたのか…
    everything went dark,

  • さっぱり…
    and suddenly…

橋元組 ニ次団体組長 - 黒浦 計語
Second group leader of the Hashimotos - Kuroura Keigo

  • 狐につままれた顔で 何言ってやがる.
    I could butcher your smart face.

  • てめえ, 極道 なめてんのか?
    What do you say, are you kidding me?

  • し, しかし…
    b-but I…

[PAGE 13]

  • 自分は犯人を見また!
    I know who did it!

  • 停電前にhimつっかかってきた奴を覚えてます!
    I remember the guy who challenged me before the power went out!

  • 確かだろうな?
    Are you sure?

  • 車を用意しろ. ここに連れてこい.
    Prepare the car. Bring it to me here.

  • おそらく邪魔をした のは例の奴だ.
    It was probably that boy who interfered.

  • 極道にケンカ 売ってタダで返すわけにいかねえ!!
    You don’t challenge a gangster and think you can get away with it!!

[PAGE 14]

  • アレは絶対に忍者だって!!
    That was definitely a ninja!

  • 暗闇の中でヤクザどもを,
    He faced the Yakuza in the dark,

  • あっという間にやっつけてよ!
    …and knocked him out in the blink of an eye!

  • 分かったよ. 声デェって…
    All right.Now speak in a low voice…

  • で? 忍者でも目指すの?
    So? Do you want to become a ninja?

  • サクラ, それだ!
    Sakura, you’ve right!

  • まって.

  • ヤな予感.
    I have a bad feeling.

  • 闇夜にまぎれて不意打ちすりや,
    Attack by surprise under cover of darkness,

  • 相手がヤクザでも関ねえ!!
    regardless if the enemy is a yakuza!

  • オレ達でも橋元組を倒せる!
    We too could defeat the Hashimotos!

[PAGE 15]

  • 確かに… やれるかもな!
    Of course… we could do it!

  • 本気!?

  • 忍者ごっこじゃ済まないわよ!
    We can’t pretend to be ninjas!

  • なにもしなけりゃ鉄坂は一生このままだ
    But if we do nothing, Kanezaka will always remain like this.

  • だからオし達が,
    This is why we…

[PAGE 16]

  • 今の音は?
    What was that noise?

  • 早乗れ!

  • お前二人もだ!
    You two too!

  • あの子達はさっきの…
    they are the guys from before…

  • そいつはこっちに乗せろ, 急げ!!
    Get him up here, hurry up!

  • よし, 出せ!!
    Well, let’s get away!

[PAGE 17]

  • まって.

  • オヤジ, 連れてきました.
    Sir, we brought him.

  • さんざん手こずらせやがって.
    I have had many setbacks.

  • やっと姿を現したな.
    But you’re finally here.

  • 大丈夫かりョ…
    everything is fine…

  • まて.
    Shut up.

  • 名前は呼ぶな…
    don’t say my name.

  • “やっと” ってどういう意味よ?
    What do you mean by “finally”?

[PAGE 18]

  • 組員が何十人も闇討ちされたという話は聞いてろ.
    I heard that dozens of my men were mysteriously taken out.

  • 商売の邪魔を何度もな.
    This has repeatedly interfered with my business.

  • 正体不明の反逆者ども.
    The rebel was never identified.

  • ラーメン屋ではしくじったな.
    You made a mistake at the ramen shop.

  • 何十人って…
    Dozens of men…

  • あ, アン夕 そんなこケンカしてたの?!
    Have you done this type of fight?

  • 正直に話すぜ?
    I’ll be honest with you, okay?

  • まず, このニ人は関係え.
    First of all, the two of them have nothing to do with anything.

  • ラーメン屋に居たってのは本当だが他は知らねえ.
    it’s true that I was at the ramen shop, but that’s all I know.

  • そんなの初めて聞いたぜ.
    and it’s the first time I’ve heard such a story.

[PAGE 18]

  • 橋元粗がそんな負けてるなんてスカっとしたぜ.
    But it was nice to see one of the Hashimotos succumb like that.

  • これ以上恥かく前に町から出ていくこったな!
    He should have fled the city instead of being ridiculed!

  • おまっ.
    my god.

  • 止直に言いすぎでしょ!?
    Aren’t you exaggerating?!

  • 橋元組相手にヒーローでっこは楽しかったか?
    Did you enjoy playing hero against the Hashimotos?

  • 生まれ変わったらヒーロー集団でも目指すんだな.
    In the next life, pray to be reincarnated to a group of heroes.

[PAGE 19-20]

  • あの時の… 忍者!
    But he’s… the ninja!

[PAGE 21]

  • チシ, 仲間か!
    F**k! another!

  • 二人のは君が切ってあげて,
    Free the other two,

  • 1階に降りてそのまま外へ!!!
    then go down to the first floor and exit!!!

  • 走れ!

  • で, でも外にだってアイツらいるんじゃ.
    but there are other guys out there.

[PAGE 22]

  • ウソだろこれを一人で…
    damn, she did it all herself…

  • なるほど, 貴様が 黒幕ということか.
    I get it, you’re behind all this.

  • 本部から届いた刀の試し斬りにしてやろう.
    He will use you as a guinea pig for the sword received from the headquarters.

[PAGE 23]

  • すげえ…

  • 何してんだ 早く逃げるぞ!!
    What are you doing, let’s go!

  • オレだって必ずやり返してやるからな…!!
    I will take revenge, that’s a promise!

[PAGE 24]

  • そのマスクひっぺがして,
    take off that mask

  • お前の家族も調べ上げて,
    Get ready, you and your family,

  • 全員, 海沈めやる覚悟しな!
    you will all end up at the bottom of the ocean!

  • 覚悟, と言ったな?
    get ready, you said?

  • それならアンタは出来てるんでしようね.
    well, then I guess you are ready

  • 鉄坂の仕返しを受ける覚悟!
    to receive the Kanezaka’s revenge!

[PAGE 25]

  • シ…!?

  • ぬっ!?
    But what!?

  • ゴトツ
    (Sound od tap)

  • 後ろかあ!
    it’s behind me!

[PAGE 27]

  • ぐ… ツ.

  • せ…せめて情報を本部に送って…
    I have to… I have to inform the head office…

  • チシ, メガネがなくて見えん…
    damn, I can’t see anything without glasses!

  • まずい!
    oh no!

  • ドドドド
    (someone runs)

[PAGE 28]

  • てめえの部下に殴られた分のお,
    a little while ago one of your henchmen hit me.

  • ま, まて来るな!
    No, wait!

  • お返しだオラア!!
    I have to hit you back!

[PAGE 29]

  • 急に走らない でよりョウ夕!
    You shouldn’t run so fast!

  • うわっ!そいつ落ちてきたのか!?
    Wow, he fell from up there!?

  • あの忍者人は…
    that ninja…

  • 女の人… だったよね.
    she that… she was a girl.

  • どんな人か見えた?
    did you see what she looked like?

  • いや… でも関係ねぇよ.
    No… but it doesn’t matter.

  • 抵抗してるのはオレ達だけじゃないって分ったからな.
    Now we know we are not the only ones resisting.

[PAGE 29]

翌日 - the next day

  • いらっしゃーい.

  • バイトするって言てた場所ここかよりョウ夕.
    It’s closer to where I said I would work part-time…

  • 冷やかしなら帰れよ.
    If you want to make fun of me, go home.

  • ここのバイトは橋元組の情報を集める為なんだからよ.
    I work here part-time to gather information on Hashimoto’s.

  • それに… ここに居れば,
    besides… if I stay here,

  • おの人に会って,
    I can meet that person,

  • 協できるかもしれないだろ.
    and maybe work together.

[PAGE 30]

  • なるほど良い考えね.
    I get it, it’s a good idea.

  • 頭殴られた分名案が浮かんだな.
    That headshot inspired you well.

  • 次はノブトも殴られてみるか?
    Let’s see if it can do good for Nobuto too.

Kiriko’s battle continues!

おわり - END

if I have confirmation that I have done a good translation I will use photoshop for the translation applied in the pages of the comic. :muscle:


So when do we get mask-n’-hoodie Kiriko as a skin?

And how many TV dinners is it gonna cost?

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Can’t read it.

Meant, where do I click? Because went to the link and there’s only an image



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One step closer to an actual ow anime series

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try entering it from the link in this tweet.

from your mobile phone you should scroll from left to right, like a gallery. and read the comic with the Japanese sense (instructions in the info in the first post)

Overwatch already is an anime series:

  • cartoonish characters who fall into predetermined personality archetypes
  • terrible power scaling
  • mass murder and cute dancing in the same show
  • waifus
  • Genji
  • a timeskip that served no purpose
  • a rabid fanbase who hates certain characters, loves others, and fights over who’s cooler
  • all the beautiful fanmade content

You know what, you’re absolutely right