Jaku’s Next Hero Concept: The Story Of Frourós


Jace Alec was a well respected and beloved Doctor. After being inspired but the story of Medical Prodigy Angela Ziegler, he himself entered the field of medicine, where he met his wife, Elizabeth.

The two dedicated their lives to helping others, and were always more than happy to treat and check up on those left homeless and injured after the Omnic Crisis. However, Jace always wanted to do more.

He told his wife of a project he had been working on ever since the two had received their licenses. A machine that could protect and care for soldiers on the frontline, or simple common folk living their day to day lives. What excites him most? He was nearing completion on the project.

Alas, Elizabeth would never get to see this glorious creation her husband had been working on. One day, after a group of Overwatch agents were brought into the hospital they worked at, Jace’s life was forever changed.

Upon inspection of one of the agents who had already perished, a tracking beacon was discovered. Moments later, Talon mercenaries attacked, cutting down anyone inside the building. Jace and Elizabeth ran, not daring to look back.

As the two neared the exit, Talon began leveling the building using explosives. Falling debris pinned Elizabeth down, crushing her legs in the process. Jace desperately tried to get her free, but Talon soldiers were closing in.

In his final moments of desperation, Jace pressed a button on a small device. Stirring something awake in his own private lab beneath the hospital. Mere seconds afterwards a hulking behemoth of a machine erupted from the ground, mowing down soldiers with the gun attached to its right arm.

As Jace’s creation decimated the Talon operatives, he spent his final moments with his wife, holding her tightly. Once the soldiers were dealt with, his creation, Sentinel, got Jace out of the building before it completely collapsed.

Sentinel had sustained heavy damage during the fight, and subsequently had to be rebuilt. Jace, however, changed the machine. No longer could it operate autonomously. Jace himself would helm the mechanical behemoth.

He himself could never hope to fight on the frontlines, but with Sentinel, or Frourós, he could do so much more. Armed with the ability to rush to his allies defense, provided extremely potent long range healing, and detect his enemies when in close range, he is a force to be reckoned with.

He knows he can get his allies out of this mess alive, but he can’t do it alone.


Aww ;-; Elizabeth ;-;-;-;


I mean, he avenged her, but he’s still got quite a bit of animosity towards Talon, part of the reason he made his robot into power armor


that dont make me any less sad;-; but yeah he sounds like a cool dude



I’m anticipating having the last few kinks ironed out for his design by tomorrow, Thursday at the latest


Kinda weird, cause for me, thursday is tomorrow so it seems like you just said the same thing twice hahaha but i get what you mean. I look forward to seeing it!


Right lol, I forget Time Zones are a thing




Either way, I hope you enjoy reading it when it’s out


Wait. Sentinel feels lik-

Welcome to the HEV Mark IV protective system. For use in hazardous environment conditions. Have a very safe day

well crap.


I can totally see that lol


Well this is interesting. Also poor Elizabeth and poor Jace for having to leave