I've reinstalled OW three times after it being deleted when PC is off


So yes, I am really bad at making titles.

But my problem persists, I’ve downloaded OW today and yesterday (after turning on PC) and one more time a few weeks ago. I never deleted the game, so I am at a loss as to what is happening?

I get this errorcode when I launch battle.net and have to reinstall the game:

This folder doesn’t contain the correct version of this game. Please check the installation path and try again. BLZBNTAGT00000AF0

Hope to find some help here as I prefer playing the game over reinstalling it :wink:


Heya BamBinaBoom,

Typically when I see these symptoms there is a security program putting the game files in quarantine or a “backup” software re-writing the files to sync with an online service. If any such software is installed please try temporarily uninstalling it to verify if they are related to the problem.

Let us know if this works for you.