I've lost 170 points for battle net connection problem!

Today i’ve lost about 170 points from competitive dps for the battle net connection problem!

First i saw the red alert in the left corner.
Then the game threw me onto the black screen! I could spoke to my team, but there was nothing except the loader in the bottom right corner!

The game was denied and i lost about 170 points!

That’s not fair, guys! I’ve spend about month to get this score! I want these points back.

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This means the connection between your client and the server is unstable. It could be a local network issue, or it might be on the route to the server. Unfortunately, SR that you lose for any reason cannot be re-added to your account. More info on that here:

Yes, but why connection wasn’t established?
I had to reload the battle net to get it work

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any connection failed unless you were running a network test at the time to capture the disconnect. I have no way of knowing.

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