I've been suspended and feel it's unjustified

I know I’m not supposed to post about suspensions/punishments on the forums but I’m literally unable to submit a ticket, so apologies for that, regardless any response from a Blizzard employee would really help :slight_smile:

I’ve been suspended in the past for 2 weeks for abusive chat, and it was totally justified.
I used to be toxic in chat and got irritated by the game often. Since then, though, I’ve rarely been toxic in chat, and have tried greatly to prevent myself from being suspended.

Unfortunately, today I was suspended until August 30th.
This means I’ll miss the entire Summer Games event, which has me really disappointed.

The thing is, I know this time that I have not been toxic enough to warrant 100+ reports for the automatic suspension to come into play. I’m not saying I don’t deserve a few, I’m still learning to overcome the tilt of course, but I’m not nearly as bad as this is making me out to be.

I feel like just because I’ve had abusive chat suspensions in the past, any false reports for me are just assumed to be true and automatically counted towards suspension and I can’t really “clear my name” in a sense.

It’s a shame, I love the game, and barely ever get toxic in chat anymore (I mean I was endorsement level 3, so I clearly tried to be a sportsman and good teammate and did ok at it) but still I get fake reported by people who don’t like me playing Sym (I’m a Symmetra main) for example. It’s a shame because now I’ve lost all my endorsements, so I’m back to square one in that sense too. You could even check any logs of games I’ve been in, I’m sure you’d find at least 100 games where I’ve been a good sportsman in chat, I’ve learnt to compliment my teammates and enemies and also I say “gg wp” after pretty much every game. I’m not a toxic player anymore.

I mean sure, everyone gets a little irritated, but compared to how I used to be it’s minimal.

I wish there was a way to clear my previous record and start fresh because it feels like anyone who doesn’t like me in their game (whether that be teammate or enemy) can just report me and get me closer to punishment…

Perhaps Blizzard could implement a decay system for those who have been punished. For example, less than 10 reports in a month = decay, or something?
I’m not a developer, so I’m not sure how they’d wish to balance it out, but please Blizz don’t hold old stupid mistakes over people who just wanna enjoy your game again.

Once again, any response is appreciated.

  • Moon

Get ready for this post to be locked. The forum mods don’t like being criticized in public :frowning:

I’ve been silenced on this forum for three days once after typing the word that can be phrased as, jerking motions of the circular variety. It was too sexual and mature for this PG rated game forum.


I know the forum mods can be…oppressive…sometimes, but I’m just trying to sort this problem as the report system is clearly being abused and has resulted in me being punished.

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Moon, the discussion of disciplinary actions are prohibited on the forums for a reason. This is because such a matter needs to be resolved PRIVATELY between you and Blizzard Entertainment. Bringing it to the attention here on forums (including the technical support forum) is a bad idea because it harms your own credibility and causes the spread of false information. Unfortunately, I have seen many examples where a player has been suspended or banned appropriately even though they claimed they were false banned.

As you can see these posts contribute nothing positive to the forum community which is why it is not permitted.

There is an appeal process!

Please start here and review the instructions for starting an appeal for your account suspension:

Here Blizzard can review your case and make an action appropriately.