Its True, Briggette, Moira, Doomfist, ruined Overwatch


But moira sucks… Pun intended
She’s a sub par hero in most ranks.

Brig I agree. It’s where I lost a lot of love for the game. She’s been nerfed. But the love isn’t back

Doomfist needed tweaks. And he got gutted. Idk what blizzard was thinking


Bastion is trolling this game for years…

is he balanced? maybe, is he easy to kill? yes, if not watched by his intire team at wich time he can wipe the intire map with pinpoint accuracy and damage., etc.

all other heroes don’t even come close to the crap bastion pulls…


I actually kinda like Sombra.
On the other hand, I see why people really hate her.
But her existence is justified.
There are many heroes with too strong abilities.


Moira is the second most played support in the game.
And if people keep considering her bad, we will never get dps heroes back in the meta.
Her unavoidable damage hurts dps heroes way too much.

And Doomfist needs a redesign, his kit conceptually doesn’t fit in the game.


Since when is Moira the second best support?


If you cant kill Doomfist and even worse Moira, thats your problem, not theirs

Doomfist is getting the buffs he deserves and Moira also need a buff or even a small rework


Hes an aim elitist, he complains about any hero thats not hitscan aim


Oh… Well that escalated quickly :confused:


If you see, most of his post are mostly complaining about a hero


Yesterday she was the second most picked support according to overbuff.
Lucio just took her over, but barely.


Moira and Doomfist were both released underpowered, and have only spent a small amount of time being decent. They’re both currently trash tier, so I’m not sure how you can compare those two to Brig, whose been meta and impactful since her release.


Overbuff is not reliable, as most profiles are hidden, and they don’t count the hidden one. Also, if you look closer, Moira is decent until Gold/Plat, where she has an about 5.86%, and when you look at diamond, she drops to 3.49%, and by the end of GM… it doesnt even matter. Keep in mind, this is from Overbuff, but this goes to show that even if it is not that reliable, she is still not great as a support. From Diamond and above she goes downhil fast, and she needed changes.


It’s reliable enough.
Besides, even a bad support is a support.
Supports and tanks are automatically more viable than dps heroes, as we are in a 0 dps meta.


The only thing in that rant that is remotely valid is that Blizz forced the e-sports portion of this game. Blizz has been wanting to get into e-sports since WoW came out (and they tried hard to get into MLG back then). Now with OW, they got their wish i.e. forced it unto their playerbase rather than having it grow organically.


So Sombra ruined Overwatch and too Dva!


Everyone who can do anything that mildly inconveniences their enemy is ruining the game.


You forgot Sombra.

Oh, and Reinhardt.


Are you top 500 with Moira yet?


For someone who hates Brig so much, you sure did exploit her in comp

Also Moira didn’t ruin anything. She was a very well rounded/balanced hero on her release. She fitted her role well without being oppressive.


You mean before plat. Cuz she falls in plat and tanks in master