"it's qp chill"

“it’s qp it doesn’t matter” does saying this make you win the game right away? does it make you feel better after getting destroyed for 15 minutes straight and gets harrased? i am 100% sure these people will say “it’s just a game” in ranked if not in qp, if you can’t fix the problem then don’t say anything “it’s qp just chill” doesn’t make anything better and qp games also matters if you want to have fun playing the game


you just made this thread last night. you can’t get this wound up over QP, whether you like it or not it’s widely seen as a mode to goof off and relax


QP is more sweaty than comp, mode has been a lost cause for awhile now.


Nope. I won’t say that in ranked!

Swing and a miss!

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I wish it were still this. QP is so sweaty it hurts sometimes… Arcade is generally much closer in vibe now to the old QP being a goof-off mode.

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People do this when they underperform in Comp too. “It’s not GM man”

There’s always an excuse.


Yeah, but you can’t win with those types. Yes, I too play video games for fun, BUT I also want to at least TRY to win. If I am gonna go into a game and SUCK with widow or sombra, I am gonna do it in an arcade, some kinda custom game, or vs AI…I am not going to, KNOWING I am a noob or awful widow/sombra, enter a game, comp or QP, and waste 4 other players time. I find the players that DO waste 4 other players times are the selfish, entitled ones who believe, at least in the context of the match/game, the world revolves around them and screw everyone else.

Having said that, someone may admit they are new to a character, but still do a few thousand damage, get some kills, and I can say “they tried…no biggie…”. It is the ones who barely break 1 or 2k damage, get like 3 kills, and die 15 times that are the problem.

Your reactions to strangers you have no control over are your own personal problem. Not my problem. Find people to play with. Make some friends


Question: What was this in response to?

Cause if if it was a tirade directed at everyone about how they weren’t doing their jobs and they need to swap and so on…

Maybe chill?


People want to win but I’m not trying to work my butt off just to win, and if you’re so serious then play comp, because you have to remember they’re people who haven’t played ow in years that are getting back in, and new players


i literally have no clue why people sweat this much over Quickplay yet the mode that is for Sweating and try-hard is Competitive, yet nobody wants to stay in the mode that has leaver penalties, ranks and the reward of a golden gun.

I was told the big kids play in Competitive and that unless I understand the game fully and am willing to remain in a match and play certain comps, Im told to go play quickplay…

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The first words of the throwing and game sabotaging supports. And they get away with it, and you get reported if you ask for them to heal you and stop them for inting and dps-ing the entire enemy team with no positioning or cover at all. Yeah…

It’s the forums dude, chill.


they won’t be harassed unless someone is taking QP too seriously

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We all get that it’s just a lousy excuse. It is merely a way to brush off something by not really saying anything. If it was a comp match they’d say “this is not GM” or something along those lines instead of that. It’s not really that deep of a thing. If you’re asking them to stop sandbagging or doing other type of gameplay mechanics related willfully harmful things and it really upsets you then you can report them if you feel like it. That’s all up to player discretion after all and your feelings towards the matter are as valid as anyone else’s

You know you can say that about anything pretty much ever, right? Like things that go against the terms of service like Gameplay Sabotage.

“Hey dude, you have no control over that so not my problem”.

Lets keep looking the other way and justifying doing nothing, that will do wonders :+1:


With reactions like that I doubt they will find any friends…

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3 words

Yep. I wish people put as much effort into getting better at the game as they did at inventing excuses as to why they underperformed.


“It’s just QP, chill”

“Pfffft, imagine tryharding in QP”


“Our insert role here is trash so I literally couldn’t do anything”

“Who cares? It’s only insert rank here

All modes:

“We only lost because your team was exploiting a busted hero”

“So and so is a thrower”

“LOL you had to resort to playing a counter to beat me”

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “I wasn’t playing my best and made loads of mistakes. Sorry team”

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I mean

Sometimes I want to goof off and play a character I know I’m less than spectacular at. I play Doom or Ashe or something.

If the enemy team is getting on my nerves with their “hurr durr I’m gonna go your worst nightmare” and immediately counterswap or something? I bust out Reinhardt or Junkrat. Sure, it gets sweaty, and sure I like playing things that AREN’T the four characters I’m competent enough in to go Comp with, but also… It’s just cathartic to beat the life out of someone who made the beginning of a match hell.