Its not your teammates its the matchmaker

Guys, if youre on an old account just throw, like A lot of games then barely play youll reset the MMR. Im gonna try it on this account next lol. But no legit I had to throw to bronze then BARELY play! I mean AFK basically until you need to make a play to win the game. Do just enough to win, but not all wins, hard throw a few for like 100 games your rank will reset basically and youll be able to get to where a new account would just place right away.

I dont care what anyone says this system is straight trash. If you have to essentially trick int into letting you climb with any normal sense of progression its just a stupid system that simple. This is only for people that are ACTULLY able to hold at higher ranks but seem to have one account that you cant move. If you legit are bronze and cant climb out because you in fact are bronze resetting the mmr of the accounts or lowering MMR SR until its balanced then climbing wont help.

This account hits high silver then just ridiculous much higher than silver games. that feel much more like high plat games. Thats what Im trying to fix. To get more balance in MMR SR then slowly climbing without too big of a swing in either direction until it gets to where my main plays. Rather than these obviously high plat diamond games posing as mid silver matches, Its very stupid.

Cosmetic ranks are stupid… If im playing pretty much plat smurfs as a plat smurf in whats essentially plat games. why the hell not just boost the visual rank?

The matchmaker is fired and MMR is stupid, I mean this MMR, sometimes it works. Ya broke it! But no seriously how the hell do I get games on this silver account that are actually silver games so I can just you know, get to where my other accounts have been playing since the game launched? That too much to ask? Also you guys hear about the ghost you can see in three men and a baby? Its a trip dawg!

Cause there is no way! No way! S3 players have better or equal aim on average than P1/D5 but seemingly they do and umm no? Like really how the hell is a S3 bastion gonna acquire targets and track better than a diamond player on the same hero? Cause that again it just happened, more than once. No it wasnt cheating, again its just, these are in no way S3 games. So seriously what the hell do i have to do to get this account thats obviously playing in plat already to visually show the damn rank?

If I grind enough to get MMR to masters will I finally have a visual rank of plat? what exactly do I need to do lol


just straight up touchpad and go lmao.

Im not actually throwing lol. This system is just so stupid though. These games are essentially plat games. Its not like people hide it. Which makes sense as my main is plat in all roles. What annoys me is, if im gonna be shown silver games as the rank why are they not silver games? This is extremely stupid. Give me the silver games, ill win them and the account will rank up. Makes sense, however OW is like well lets just give him the higher ranked games and call it a day without the visual adjustment and its extremely stupid!

Its like if I go buy a car. I dont want just the inside parts and some old pile of garbage they had laying around for the body. Id like the entire thing to match you know? If the engine is all new and what not id like the same for the stuff you can see is what im saying.

I’m playing with a touchpad right now, rofl.

Torbjorn and touchpad :slight_smile:

They nerfed the sh!t outta Torbjorn, turret has next to no range. Less health than in OW1. What did they give him in return? He’s basically a throw pick right now

This system is without flaws.

The tank on my team having 10 total hours on tank vs the tank on the other team having 300 hours as an Orisa one trick was truly a fair match up.

I was the problem.



How about they maybe come from a different fps game? They maybe played 10k hours of cod/battlefield or valorant. You have no idea.

Ever heard someone say all aim and no brain? Well thats why that guy is playing in silver and not diamond. Because he is probably wildly out of position and has no idea on propper cooldown useage and how to gain advantages in a fight other then aim and shoot.

Well maybe help your tank out if you know better.
Make the matchup harder for the enemy tank. Offer helpfull kind advice thats easy to follow up on.

I have won plenty of games with ppl being put in a high gold lobby in ow1 who said i didnt mean to play tank in comp, i thought i qued for quickplay. I have 5 hours on the role and no idea what to do. I coached them and they listend and we won.
And with plenty i mean this probably happend like 30 times. I won most if not all of them.
I have had the same thing happen in ow2 in plat while playing dps. Tank didnt mean to que for tank, guy had 10 hours max, he said i have never played tank on this map, what do i play i have no idea.
I asked what is the tank you are most comfortable on/find most enjoyable.
He said rein. I just told him where to stand on defence, when to push on attack, when to backup too and where too.
The dude dominated. It was very clear he was out of his comfort zone, yet he listened, asked questions of what do i do when they do this etc. Always apologized when someone died when it wasn’t his fault etc.
He straight up farmed them. He had 2 deaths on shambali, both on attack. We full capped and held them on defence on the second corner. Like yeah he got ultrapocketed by both supports, but that was also because the dps would play safer. Everyone did their part and supported eachother. Nobody blamed anyone and everyone was cheering for the guy.
The guy had 23 shattered people. We killled 19 of them.

you should have gave your tank motivational speech and read him guide in VC while you were playing , you are pathetic - go and educate yourself about how to be a good teammate please

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He wasn’t in voice chat. AND we were lucky if he even waited for his team before engaging.

still your fault - you should make him feel safe to use it , why not to send him a christmas card or something?

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That’s true. It was my fault.

I will try to be better next time.

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Good for you - you better be good … i will watch over you

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Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Youre not wrong its not impossible. but trust me when I say there is no way in hell the games I get on this account are even close to the visual ranks that are displayed. Its not all just the aim. Ill call people on their ranks and theyre shocked Im so accurate.

Blizzard, instead of oops all smurf lobbies how about you just get the players that arent trying to smuf into the correct visual ranks? Maybe? You think? Might solve some issues. A lobby where 90% of the match is 2 ranks higher than the match displayed average kinda means that displayed average is off, Just saying.

Its like the car analogy. It might be a brand new high performance engine but the body should match. As in MMR of the match should be the same as the visual display. People can claim BS if they want but I can give codes and upload matches where I do 20k and dont even get touched as soldier in high gold low plat right now. I mean unless something is really broken and the higher rank display is actually the lower SR games I dont know what it could be. So its not a matter of oh youre bad you cant win a S4 game. Its that these games are incredibly broken.

Lets put it this way. How many players on here are silver bronze? How many have ever seen me in a match? Cause I dont play in those games typically yet I share the visual rank.

When even the mm defenders dissappear, you know its a dead game.

At least it certainly feels like it.


Oh it’s dead lol. It has a player base. But um, it’s very small. Of that small population very few actually care about playing well and fall more in the casual category. You see a few try hands that think things are fine but those people are just delusional or something. OWs glory days are well in the past and won’t be back. It was a great game for 3 years until the content stopped. But it was far too long a wait and it really had a major negative effect on the game

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I think the system is fine tbh, im not a tryhard I play a lot less these days, im also not delusional, all my games appear to be fine tbh lol, never feel like there is a bronze of a GM on my team at all

I don’t think its the system, I think it’s a bad move to 5v5 and terrible current balance where nothing dies, GM could climb my account easily

QP more often than not feels okay. But I cant do comp anymore. the games are night and day. They feel awful! Its either an oops all smurf lobby, which is fine cause those are the games that play more like my main account, but to call them silver is a bit stupid, or I have a team thats getting absolutely dominated and nothing I do can help them. I’m talking no high ground. Everyone on cart of point. Zero map control. Then they wonder why nothing is happening. I typically just count those games as a loss and take whatever space I can and just stat farm. Either way its just never fun.20% of my games I have fun on this account the rest are garbage for one reason or another. I mean its not that bad cause Its not like im stuck with only a lower rank account so whatever.Its just stupid lol


Given that nearly everyone has a hidden profile how do you know they are smurfs?

My point is the loss of a second tank and stupid balance (now) where supports are everything and nothing dies, is a game problem, the matchmaker is fine lol, these stomps didnt happen in 6v6 and the matchmaker (according to Blizz) is the same…

Just because you or anyone else is ‘stuck’ in a rank has no bearing on the system, YOU are stuck, if I bought a bronze account and started playing I would win a lot, until… Guess what… I would get to plat, then I would stop winning… Because thats my current skill level

People really need to stop making excuses for not climbing, and on a more serious note, not care so much about climbing, its a pixel number it really isn’t that important, I will say once again, if you gave a GM your account… It would climb…