It's Never Game Over is looking for more members!

Hello! We are a friendly group comprised of forumers and Blizzard game enthusiasts looking for more pals to play with! We use Discord as our primary means of communication and extend a hand to have you join our group. If you’re shy, no problem – we primarily use text to talk with eachother. We do of course have voice channels to group up for activities and games. Come drop by and check us out!

h t t p s : / / d i s c o r d . g g / 9 n P n C 3 J


We have a wide variety of skills/locations in our members. Some on EU, some on US.

use performatted text for the link

Come pal around with us!

hey whats average rank of group ? I really need a group for winning comp games

Yeah I honestly use this trick until they patch it, I hope anyone who’s been abusing don’t get banned because let’s be real, removing the idea to post link is stupid enough, at least they could do a filter and filter links who seem unsafe instead of banning like etc.

Part of this Discord, would recommend. Lots of friends to make and play with, both casual and competitive. :slight_smile:

It’s spread out. I think our highest rank is plat/diamond.

Come join us! We’d love more people :smiley:

Yes please! We need more!

BTW we’d like to add we’re very LGBT friendly!~

It is good community.

Hello I stumbled across your thread and tried the url just to find it’s expired. Looking for more ppl to run with on Overwatch

Try this one
https ://

Doesn’t work

I’d very much like to join you folks!

It’s some sort of test to see how dedicated you are that you will fix every single space to join…


This sounds great. I’m mid-silver and looking to climb. I’d like to join, assuming my lower rank doesn’t strike a nerve with anyone.

More people that want to join? We’re very eager to welcome more and to play with more people!

We’re very welcoming and friendly and have a good sense of humour!

Also I will love you big time! <3

Also I made the discord link easier to copy paste in this comment!

Pretty friendly so far.