Its more fun to play healer than dps

it feels like they are the new DPS of the game. They just have a better kit with passive healing.

Imma add it while im here, Nerf ana nade by 50%, so peaking as a dps is less of a pain


This is the problem with OW rn. All of these dps supports legitimately invalidate the damage role in of itself.

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I feel like healer heroes who can dps should do as a much damage as a moira ( just the weapon draining attack for example or life weaver weapon attack)

Something good enough that they can defend themselves against flankers and chip in some damage, but not so much that they outclass the actual damage class.

exactly because this is just ridiculous

Support just feels like you actually have an important job and your actions have a legit impact in the game. DPS just feels like whatever action I do holds no weight, unless I’m a Widow or Hanzo getting picks with one shots.

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Only reason why I don’t play DPS is because there’s way too many DPS playing on their alt accounts in low ranks right now in my region. I’m gold 2 on support, my mechanics should be good enough to reach gold on DPS as well.

But I’m only silver on DPS because there are smurf DPS every single game it’s not even funny. I’m basically playing in higher elo but with a silver rank slapped onto it. Another issue is grouping, it’s so much more common to face groups/boosters when there’s lack of players in your region. Solo queuers are at a bigger disadvantage.