Its Mercy players fault she got reworked because of invincibility

So that makes it unearned. Current mercy is balanced.

She isn’t balanced. Res as an ability cannot be balanced, mixed with a boring/barely helpful ultimate.

She needs to go back to 1.0 with tweaks.

1.0 should stay where it is. Dead and in our memories. She is fine.

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Someone doesn’t play Mercy. >3>

Only when it’s needed. You know her niche’s

Yes, 200+ hours on her and I know her inside and out.
Resurrect as an ability is too generous and is free every 30 seconds. IT’s given, not earned. It needs to go back to her ultimate.
She needs to be reverted to 1.0 with tweaks; 50% damage reduction, 2 second resurrect cast time or something with a LOS block where she can be stunned or killed/countered while performing the ability. No stupid invuln like she used to have. And maybe increase the healing she needs to do to get her ultimate/slow her ult charge rate.

That one super popular Mercy thread has a lot of better ideas than this tbh. But, still. Resurrect as an ability cannot be balanced and Valkyrie is boring/pointless to use.

This one.

Let me ask this. Why does any player believe that it’s a good idea to bring back an ability that was hated by a majority of players across all ranks, and changed to make the game better overall for a majority? Mass rez was hated by too many people. You can use any logic you really want. You can’t get passed the fact that mass rez was removed because it was a problem to the game. Stop trying to bring back a problem that was already taken care of.


You do realize that people dislike the Mercy mini-res a lot more, right? Pros especially.
It was removed because people didn’t want to initiate in game awareness and counterplay.

Mass res deserves a comeback, because it cannot be balanced as an ability.

then how about Rez as a whole gets removed and replaced with something else?

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Res cannot be removed because that is literally one of Mercy’s core elements.

Symmetra and her 3.0 rework say hi.

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Symmetra has literally been making shields since 1.0.
(2.0 was the better one, though, TBH.)

Yeah. But guess what Sym2.0 and 3.0 are completely different. TP and Shield Gen are no longer her ultimates. She doesn’t have a lock on. She has less turrets.

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But it wasn’t balanced as an ult and you say it’s broken as a single target ability. Then isn’t the logical step removing it?

Yes, but her turrets do more damage and so does her right click.
Her turrets also have a bit more health and her ultimate is what? A giant shield.

It was balanced when Mercy was 1.0. Where she didn’t go invuln and had the risk of dying when casting.
People just complained that she was UP , so they made her invuln (which was the BIG MISTAKE).

Rez needs to go tbh :woman_shrugging:


My point went over your head.

It doesn’t matter if something is the “core” of a character. The devs can change that as they wish.

The point more went over yours because you tried to defend with a character who has received reworks around one thing. Shields.


If Mercy 1.0 pre-vuln remained then she’d be a bottom of the barrel troll pick,then we’d see people complaining about getting suspended for playing Mercy