It's literally impossible to learn a new character

The only place to learn a new character against actual players is full of throwers or smurfs.

Because of this, you don’t get a chance to actually learn. It’s literally leave spawn, die, repeat. It’s so frustrating trying to push myself out of being a D.Va one trick on tank because I don’t get an actual chance to learn another tank’s mechanics (i.e when to bubble, when to throw rock, etc.)

I used to only play quick play or quick play classic because I didn’t like the comp scene, but at this point I would rather be called a slur every other match vs put up with the crap in qp. It sucks.


Play the game for 200 hours and come back.

Welcome to the world of AI where you can at least begin learning the mechanics of a hero without getting deleted or flamed.

Lord only knows how much time I spent practicing Ball in there before taking him to PVP.

It’s generally a safe and supportive place to learn heroes. In fact I’d say it is the best the community has to offer.


I just played the game. Started in gold and am now plat after 1200 hours.

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Thats the price of one tricking.
All other heroes are based around your otp skill level.

You’d have to step up your game on the other heroes you wanna play.

Btw every single game of ow is practice.

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if it is impossible to learn a new character, wouldnt that mean that no one has ever learnt any characters?

Based on the quality of my teammates… I would say you aren’t too far from the truth.

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I managed to learn Sigma by literally just filling in comp

It cost me 500 SR but now I’m making my way back up

Not another one of these…

There’s mode where you can play against AI. Go there if QP is too hard for you. Playing a new hero is only “difficult” if you’re a recovering one-trick of heroes like Hanzo or Doomfist.

The all of the back-of-the-mind reflexes are completely learnable against AI. Then go to QP.


I recently started playing doomfist (I have 300+ hours in comp and 4 min on doomfist) in quickplay, and it’s quite enjoyable. Focus on your own gameplay and don’t switch off when your struggling. Practice is the only way to improve.

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Just play the character. If you do bad, it’s because you’re still learning. No shame in that.


No,For the last time OV/Overwatch isn’t getting/having a new Heroes/characters maybe in the second/2/II/Sequel

As bad as it sounds, honestly this.

Learning a new hero is not up to how much the team plays like comp. It’s about how much thought you put into constant active learning of the hero. Only by actively thinking about anything and everything that’ll help you improve can you do so. Just trying to bruteforce gameplay will halt your learning progress extremely quickly and you will get hardstuck at some point. The game and learning it doesn’t work that way unfortunately

My personal recommendation on keeping the game refreshing, fun and engaging to play is to always flex into what hero is the best for the scenario that you’re given without really caring about what that hero is. There are some exclusions to this rule (naturally) like Ball, DF, Widow… and heroes who have such high skill floors that it turns your flexing into throwing without learning the hero first, but majority of the heroes overlap in your learning curve as improving mechanics, game sense and so on will improve your performance across multiple heroes

Cons to this is pretty much the fact that taking on one-tricks playing the same hero get very tough sometimes, but that is almost always simply evened out by the fact that you share the same MMR range regardless of your hero choice and also gives you an opportunity to hard-counter them (unless they play Tracer or Sombra). The other one is that you’ll notice the games that have been lost in the matchmaking a lot more when you notice that there is no hero you can flex to or play better than you realistically could to win the game. By one-tricking there’s always the illusion that it doesn’t work for you because you’re OTPing, not because you’re in an unbeatable game

At least is a person who try a new hero ON A SINGLE ACCOUNT unlike all those cowards who need to ‘‘alt account’’ for that.

The fact that is impossible to learn since smurf is reality, why I should waste my time on a new hero if I have to face ppl who can’t stay on their main?

Give me a fair challenge then we talk.

none can learn when there are ‘‘alt accounts’’ around melting you when you can barely exit from the spawn… why?

because you can’t play.


The correct sentence is: “It requires way too much of onetricking to learn to play that character competently.”

Just play what feels best for you. You have better chances to climb by onetricking than learning all the heroes half decent.

Why am I a coward for only playing hitscan for 500 hours, then buying an alt to play flex dps in comp?

Your kidding? Even if there were smurfs and throwers its still a good learning experience. To “practice a new character” all you need is moving targets that interact with you and your teamamates. (Not practice range)

Hell, its also quick play. It doesnt matter who your matched up with or against. Hence why its named quick play and not competitive.

because you do that only to play vs lower ranks and you fear to lose your precious sr for doin something you can do on your first acc, then you literally mess up game balance and matchmaking.

ye sure. let me ‘‘learn’’ when I’m always dead because someone who belong to master or diamond is on his alt?

what you learn? nothing. there isn’t a gruadual challenge there

each time i hear ‘‘hell is only qp’’ my blood pressure raise, some people still wanna learn new heroes still wanna have an appearance of balance in mm even in qp , get over it, not everyone wanna play comp


It literally isn’t though. I have learned a bunch of new characters in the past 2 years perfectly fine by playing QP.

play ctf it’s more competitive than any game mode