🙄 It's ironic

Ana cant heal and do DMG at the same time. Moira can with her ult and her orb but thats not really a lot of DMG, also her ult does DMG yeah, but compared to some other demage ults she really does not do that much.

Yeah but 90% of those ideass are straight up OP. Valk on E? Mas res back? Even more healing- back to 60?
No, she is with Moira the easiest Hero to play from all the supports.
She should not be able to have such high healing output and being able to res multiple people while having also the best 3D mobility with a super low cooldown, the ability to boost someones DMG and basically, if played right, being untouchable.

Moira has to be close to her allies, has a recource meter, has lowkey to aim, has a more limited range I think and her ult can be stunned and she might be faster then normal but she is during it less mobile and with that more vounarbale then Mercy. Plus the fact, that is is binded to the ground.

And we dont even have to talk about Ana. Ana is probably one of the most skill needed heros to play, she SHOULD have the highest healing output without any daubt. If you can perform excellent with her you should be able to outheal.
And look, if Ana doesnt heal but snipe the enemy Pharah for example, she cant heal her allies.
She can burstheal but only if her nade hits, which can get eaten, blocked, miss, crash into the wrong target - ally or enemy, etc.
And she is soooo inmobile, yes she has sleep but you need skill to hit that. Thats not easy.

Biotic nade says hi.


Oh no. 100 DMG and a super usefull ability wasted for DMGing someone if no one follows on on the anti healing affect?

50% of 200hp hero, not that small of a damage. Not to mention, that it has AoE and can affect multiple teammates/enemies at once.

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Yeah but if you hit it on multiple enemies then you took the chance and did an amazing play and should get rewarded.
I see nothing wrong with that. Mercy was designed to be purely passive. Only shooting when her own life is heavily in danger.

Sorry but this have no sense, a good Moira can have almost the same dmg and heals, just watch Tesla, and Ana can make dmg as well, trying to make a comparision make no sense because is obivously Mercy can never make dmg, this is why she should be the best healer for heals, or at least better then Ana and Baptiste, and not the wrost main healer.

And that what should mean? the class is called support, not heal bot, killing someone wich make issue to your team is supporting them.

The entire Mercy kit is useless if her team isn’t decent, for other healers isn’t the same because they can make dmg and have more reason to be played.
Ana: Nano, sleep, nade, dmg, can defend herself.
Baptiste; Immortality field, matrix, a lot of heals, can defend himself.
Moira: the best support for heals, easy to make dmg, mobility, can defend herself.
Mercy: dmg boost, ress. end. Mobility isn’t that plus since if someone wanna kill it they can do it, they probably will take more time for killing you but if someone wanna kill u and no one help you, you are dead. Mercy is full dipended of her team, the only thing she can without any teammates is using her pistol.

I agree she require less skill then Ana, but this doesn’t mean an hero wich require different skill should be garbage just because doesn’t need to aim.

10hp OP? whaaaaat.
U can found good rework of her out of here, u can’t even tell if their are OP since we will never see that kind of ideas on the game, but players makes a good starts for changing her.

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw5EC3oPHC8 (this require some adjust).
Cmon, wtf is an ultimate wich just make u fly and heal multiples target at the same time? wow, impactfull.

he is probably saying u can kill them again easily again with those kind of ultimate, i don’t think is that hard to keep some ultimates.



Yet she was fun, despite that. To this day, I still wonder, why was it necessary at all for “high skill” players to demand changes for hero they don’t play.

But that requires some brain work, and constant analysis of situation on the field. Instead of easy and accessible to even least intelligent players tactic - press Q at the same time, and you win.

It was one of those situations, where mechanical aim can’t compensate lack of game sense. While it can in many other situations. And where brute force, which is effective way to get through all existing defensive ultimates, didn’t work.

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The difference with this and mass rez though is there’s a million different ways to counter them just blindly pressing Q, Defence Matrix into a reaper out for example or any sort of CC. Mercy 9/10 times would just sit out of team fights completely out of any harms way, fly in and instantly Rez the entire team while being invincible for a few seconds, creating a game solely based on “does our mercy have Rez? Ok I’m going to die on purpose now” Mercy in her current state is the most skill based she’s ever been, where she’s heavily movement / awareness based and actually engaged in the game instead of farming for Rez then sitting around waiting for her teammates to die

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No, she is least skill based. Because nothing she does depends on skill of Mercy player, but only on skill of player she interacts with.

And you still wait for teammates to die, simply because you can’t fully heal that tank and only way to get them to full health in time is to resurrect them.

I don’t see how it’s ironic… it’s really just a turn of events.

The reason why Mercy’s state is generally acceptable is because;

Who did Mass Resurrect hurt? Everyone.

Who is affected by Mercy’s current state? Just Mercy Players.

So it’s a bit different. In one instance everyone is affected. In the other… only those subject to that character is. And Mercy being enjoyable, or a lack thereof, is entirely decided by individual perspective.

There are players who like her the way she is. I personally quit her a long time ago. I suggest others do the same if they really don’t enjoy her. Find another hero, or another game even. It’s doubtful that Blizzard will revert anything as they never have thus far.

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I wonder who are those “everyone” mass resurrect did hurt. Usually players were grateful to be given second chance.

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It was typically DPS players. It’s just one side of the scale is heavier than the other. Everyone in the match was affected by Mass Rez. Now no one but Mercy is affected by her… boredom, but Mercy. Therefore it’s “acceptable” to the masses.

I very much enjoyed the Mass Rez mechanic. I thought the up and down swings it could create in games was fun. I never agreed with the point of view that “one button shouldn’t bring 5 people back”, when the very same button can take those 5 people away.

But alas… things are the way they are. I can’t say I’ve used Mercy much since Season 5 or 6. I had nearly 200 hours on her… and she was my first golden weapon.

It’s not much of a “boredom”, but simple lack of impact.

Whole gameplay of current Mercy can be, with few exceptions, described like this:

  • boost most competent players;
  • resurrect most competent players;
  • heal, if you still have time for it;

So, your own competence comes down to finding those good players.

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More or less. That lack of impact is what creates her boredom for me. You are really a spectator with little involvement of what course the game takes.

Again… it’s why I stopped using her. She’s far too passive, and many times people will die while I’m healing them the HPS is so lame. Ana/Moira is a better option.


It’s ok for hero to have mostly passive playstyle, if their judgement actually matters and can change course of the game.

Even while I dislike Ana/Moira, I can’t deny, that their judgement actually matters, as it saves lives and changes way fights go. Most importantly, it doesn’t require team already winning: you still can bring someone back from near death, without putting yourself at risk/requiring teammates to babysit you, cause you are helpless at the moment.


Is probably Mercy’s greatest issue. She’s too much of a liability to perform a core function. Other supports have defenses that don’t rely on teammates to be immediately nearby and can use them while still maintaining support.

Resurrect as an idea really needs to be reworked… or perhaps exchanged for something else. The old method of “securing the Rez” and the risk factor of your possible death no longer fits what reward Rez grants anymore imo. It’s been down-scaled so much.

I don’t know if its just me, but unless I know for sure I can rez someone without dying… I’m just going to keep boost/healing instead… they can respawn. The trade-off to lose a healer to bring back whomever is questionable at best.

I can’t think of any other Support who must risk themselves in order to perform a main function of their kit. Maybe because it’s 5am… none come to mind.

It could be reworked into active ability, that is applied before teammate attempts risky action. Once they take lethal damage, they are given a choice: respawn normally, or use that resurrect token they received.

You can think of it as single-player, portable version of immortality field, that isn’t tied to specific place. Obviously, if Mercy dies, all resurrect tokens, which were still active(they are active for 8 seconds) expire and can’t be used.

Usually it comes down to ultimate lack of sustain power for that teammate. I often can pull off risky resurrect…but it’s not worth it, as teammate will quickly die again.

Every hero in the game requires a different type of skill. If you don’t understand what makes mercy skill based then you’re playing her wrong or don’t play at high SR where decisions actually matter. Movement and awareness are her two most important skills. If you’re caught out of position you’re not going to live very long. if you have bad awareness you’re going to be caught out of position. If you’re relying on pocketing someone and hoping they kill things then you’re not playing mercy to her full potential. if you are wasting Rez on a lost team fight you are feeding the other team ult charge. If you are letting teammates die in purpose to Rez them you are wasting ult charge. If you blindly rez in the middle of a teamfight you better pray the other team is also blind. Small decisions add up over time making mercy much more skill based and still have major deciding factors on the outcome of games

And now we look at old mercy. Build rez, hide, fly in. Win the game. Wow fun!

Yes, it’s fun. And movement never was concerning to me, as I rarely get caught.

I will let teammates die on purpose, if my healing clearly can’t sustain them. As I have little interest in giving enemy DPS more ult charge by prolonging agony by 1-2 seconds. My teammate will die in this spot, and unless I want to join them, it’s time to go.

As for resurrecting in mid-fight - it’s only option I have. Hopefully, my teammates will endure long enough to restore balance in numbers. Even while with me being unable to heal or boost them during resurrect, it’s minus two players. Still, it’s better to try something, rather than simply watch, as my teammates fall one by one, until it’s only me left.

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Nah I find mercy fun to play. Sorry friend.

I’d prefer her rez go entirely and she get something cool instead.