It's 2023 and you still don't punish throwers

Unbelievable Blizzard team. You mess up the matchmaking, you don’t punish abusive chat and you don’t do anything about throwers, you instead rely on enough players to report them, which isn’t happening.

Edit: It’s astonishing that Blizzard as a company have no clue what they are doing and what’s going on with their own game. Do you even play the live game, do you even read your own forums? Because if you do you are demonstrating pure ignorance at the expense of the game that and the incompetence of your managers within OW Blizzard.


I reported atleast 10 players last week for saying some of the most vile things & got about 7 thank you for reporting pages.

I haven’t even seen one of those for about 12 months up until last week & i have never seen that many successful reports in such a short time span.


I’ve gotten 3 people with the report system.

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they still dont punish people cheating either so what do you expect

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Same here, but for my feeling it is since a few weeks again.

Yes they do

Maybe instead of whining and moaning that they dont do anything about these people, you should actually report them yourselves for once in your life!

Or how about don’t make assumptions of other players and make yourself look like a fool.

Ofc I have been using the report system for a year now. Only in the past few weeks have I actually received a notification that action was taken.

im trying to figure out what the point of this thread was, but i cant.

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