It took less than a day for the DPS queue to go above 10 minutes for competitive

You are pretending that these were universally asked for by this ‘community’. Who should Blizzard listen to? The Pros in the OWL? The high level comp players or the masses who just play this for fun. Ultimately, Blizzard seems to listen to the elite players at the top end and balance for the OWL. I never asked for 2/2/2, nor am I asking for 1/3/2.
There’s a reason I eschew comp and quickplay. It’s not the game I bought. If it weren’t for the Arcade, I’d simply stop playing.


1-3-2 won’t work if the tanks don’t accept it. You need about 50% as many tanks as before. If you make half quit (or a smaller number turn DPS), you’re just as badly off or worse than you were before. And a lot of tank players wouldn’t accept 1-3-2 so that’s a real possibility. In particular, it completely wiped the off tank playstyle and a lot of those guys would go to DPS instead of tank.


The projection is real when it comes to pretending dps are the only selfish people in the community.

lmao how could anyone buy Overwatch thinking that they were buying a pure fps? The fact that it’s not that is what made it such a massive financial success.

It’s a team game where one part of it is shooting. The fact that you can’t see past your own selfishness long enough to notice that 2 thirds of the game is nothing to do with shooting is not the dev’s or anybody else’s problem.

If you want a pure FPS go play one of the 4000 others out there and stop trying to ruin this one for the players that don’t.


i think queue times are most important here and then they can balance accordingly unless they want more players to quit.

There is no prove that 1 3 2 being THE ONLY MODE will improve dps wait times.
Before it was late of season, with bigger split of player base, and people interested into changes to tanks. Thats why all data would be not accurate for that short test to use it as prove to be way to fix waiting times.
Test would need to run idk, around month for better data.

Lol someone on here said that all tanks that dont want 1-3-2 are just ‘sissys’ and it should be implemented regardless of their opinons.

I proceeded to call him an entitled dps player (because he is)

Got hit with a 4 week silence.:upside_down_face:

If you want to play a DPS hero so bad, play QP or Arcade.
If you want to get better, play another class.

I too thought that, until I tried 321. No idea how we move forward from here.

Yes I also want 1-3-2 where the only viable tanks are Zarya/Roadhog, the third least and least fun tanks in existance.


The queue times were already normalizing by the end of the short experiment. The wait was for dps, albeit a short queue, but that trend would very likely continue.

You’ll retain some tanks in 132, but you’ll definitely lose a bunch too. My Rein friend tried it for an evening with us and hated it. He loves playing aggro Rein, and he would just disintegrate, felt like he was spending the whole match on his back foot. Defensively, too many angles to feel effective in protecting your team, etc.

You’ll lose offtank players, mostly. Some who just don’t like shields might stick around, but those who queue dodge by playing dps offtank, or don’t want to lead the team will switch.

It would settle into a meta where only one or two are considered competitive choices, so you’ll lose players who can’t play their preferred tank without grief.

Etc. I want to see the dps queue go down, but this option won’t do that in the long run.

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1-3-2 is terrible, especially if you’re a tank main.

If 1-3-2 ever replaced 2-2-2 for Competitive I’d quit the game and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard.

Thankfully, though, the Jeff already said 1-3-2 is not the direction they want to take the game in.


Report those players for Gameplay Sabotage, because that’s what they’re doing by queuing as Tank or Support and playing them as Damage only.

Would you prefer to play with one of them, or don’t play at all, because there is no tank/support player available?

You know, I got like 2-3 min dps queue times when I grouped up with a tank and a support. Who knew.

1-3-2 Gordion Knotted all of the problems with OW except the Biased Balancing (which you will have no matter what the role comp is)

  • Tanks can be safely buffed to actually feel like tanks instead of Fat DPS
  • There is enough room in the DPS roster to safely play something other than Broken Burst Damage and/or Broken Kit DPS characters without soft throwing
  • Gameplay is fast and fun and mobile again, instead of being Barrier Burst Watch
  • Que times are low enough that the matchmaking actually gives you fair matches
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Not when the enemy ran a Sombra, which was pretty much a given every game.


There are like, 2 heroes that dont shoot, they hit. Try clicking the buttons that dont say “damage”.

it’s so weird that the “community reaction” to 132 was “mostly negative” cause every game i played where people were in vc they were like “yeah i effing love this mode”

i personally really enjoyed playing tank in 132 when my team played with me. buffed sig and rein were extremely fun to play. I’m going to be disappointed if 132 doesn’t go live, personally

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That’s on you and your team mates. Either you didn’t see the Sombra flanking you, and that is on you and your team being terrible, or you somehow missed Sombra loudly announcing she is emerging from stealth AND STUNNING HERSELF IN THE PROCESS.

Hack is clunky, stupidly easy to interrupt, will sometimes malfunction anyways, loves to hack the lowest value target in a moving crowd, announces the attempt to the target so they have time to respond, the duration is minimal, and most importantly you can still move and shoot even if it does work

I played a lot of Sombra in 1-3-2. I only got a lot of hacks on the tank if they and their team kept tunnel visioning, not checking their flanks and basically making zero efforts to account for me

At that point, you deserve it