It may officially over, too late for blizzard to recover now


So much this. The main issue with Overwatch is that its core gameplay makes it all too easy for people to become toxic. You rely so heavily on your teammates and most of all HERO PICKS. Why have so many heroes if 50% of them are seen as throw picks? Picking off-meta instantly puts your team at a disadvantage. Not necessarily because the hero is a bad pick, but because it can cause your teammates to be toxic.

Picking off-meta is seen as a throw right out the gates.

This alone breeds negativity on both sides. Competitive players become toxic when these heroes get picked, and players who like off-meta heroes and are genuinely good at them can’t play them without receiving hate or even fear getting banned.

Add onto that the lack of lore and actual world development we have received since the launch and you have plenty of players that just aren’t happy with how Blizz has handled this game’s development. The heroes and world have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. All for naught.


You hit the nail on the head!

Blizzard: “Come play Overwatch, there are 29 heroes to choose from”

Player: “ooh ok, looks fun. I think I’ll pick…this one, Sombra”

Blizzard: :smirk: " yeeeah, I wouldn’t pick her, that’s throwing and will see you reported for playing her"

Player: “Oh…ok, well never mind. How about this one, Symmetra, she looks interesting to play”

Blizzard: “Funny you should say that, she’s also considered throwing. Sorry champ.”

Player: “Right. I’ll go for someone totally different then. Torbjorn could…”

Blizzard: " Let me stop you right there, same deal"

Player: “Bastion?”

Blizzard: “nope”

Player: “Doomf…”

Blizzard: “nope”

Player: “Wrecking B…”

Blizzard: “nope”

Player: “M…”

Blizzard: “nope”

Player: “Ok. So why are all these heroes in the game at all then?”

Blizzard: :man_shrugging: “Play however you want, don’t let anyone tell you what to do”


It is amazing to see there are still lots of hired forum trolls lurking around after all the lay offs. Didn’t they fire you too guys? How much is a forum troll salary by the way :rofl:


I’m a huge fan of this game, and have been playing every single day since the Beta, and I haven’t given up on this game yet.

I still don’t see the comparison between Apex and Overwatch, they’re both completely different genres.


Exactly. These poeple are probably the ones that scream and type all kinda stuff in the in-game chat.


Sorry that you have no sense of humor. I believe they have something for that



Delayed? You mean they weren’t on time to what you thought they should be?

Devs balance characters. Very normal.

Run out of time? I don’t recall them ever giving a time limit.

None of your points make any sense.


Blizzard isn’t really blizzard anymore. Anyone who made this company what it was has moved on or been forced out. The devs who created the things we love are now off doing other awesome things for other companies. Blizzard is nothing more than a name and shell of former glory anymore, riding the wave of nostalgia into the dirt.


Their pacing (with everything) is terribly slow.


I’m ok with slow, but I think the time should match the output. I don’t like to see 3 months of waiting and then get a random drop of crazy buffs and nerfs that don’t answer the issues.


Apex doesn’t have the charm of Overwatch anyway. See you in a few months when the devs will release new wonderful features and modes!


lol you really think thiear gona do anything with the game when they got owl




There were only 2 people online on overwatch all day yesterday and i usually have around 10 at least, barely any of the streamers I watch were playing overwatch, everyone was just playing apex. I have mixed feelings though cuz i don’t want the game to die but at the same time the game has been in such an awful state for a long time and i’m hoping this will be a wake up call to devs, or at least apex will allow overwatch players to experience what it’s like to have fun again in a game lol


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. WhAt?


He’s saying its random and that one hero automatically counters another, and you have to use their strengths and weaknesses to try and build a good team. The other, they all have their own abilities and they can certainly help, but overall its the teamwork itself that wins, not abilities and heroes.


Yeah it’s called good comedy :joy:

Man you keep roasting yourself. A comedian can’t tell the audience their jokes are funny. The audience decides if they are or they aren’t and yours aren’t. Sorry!


Let’s just wait until someone in that company decides to make a reasonable decision.


You’re so hilarious! xD

I never said my joke was funny. Perhaps you should work on reading comprehension?

Not all jokes are funny to everyone. Do you realize this? Just because you don’t find something funny doesn’t mean it is now not funny.

So, yeah, not roasting myself. Although there is nothing wrong with doing so if one desires.

The audience decides, yes, but you aren’t the entire audience, are you?
How self-centered are you exactly? I had several up-votes on my joke and on the post of me explaining that it is a joke to you

So, clearly it resonated with someone.

I think you need to loosen up and not take yourself so seriously, because no one else does.


I mean I play like 10 games a month just to mess around I still find it to be a fun time waster sometimes