It may officially over, too late for blizzard to recover now


I was one of overwatch’s biggest supprters. I used to make forums thanking blizzard for their great work and other forums asking how the community could think anything was bad about overwatch. When I heard there were new features coming and new teams coming to OWL I was so hype. Like the new Super Bowl. But then things changed.
The events stopped coming, the features got delayed, the oppression of specific heroes or compositions got terrible, my friends stopped playing and eventually so did I. I still held on to this secret great thing that blizzard say is coming but unfortunately I believe they have officially run out of time. They gave us too little for too long and never fixed obvious issues and now APEX comes when overwatch players were looking for something new. Now it no longer matters what that feature is or how great the game gets, players have moved on. It’s sad, I was really rooting for you, blizzard is still my favorite company but this game may end up being a failed project.

P.S. I still want overwatch to be successful, I want to be blown away with new content, I want to come back, I am still rooting for Overwatch but I am trying to objectively say what I am seeing. (I think the stock and player base stats are agreeing.)


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And don’t post anymore if you’re truly committed.


see you in a week or so


See you when the battle royal game mode gets boring


If you gotta go, we ain’t gonna say to make you stay.

Have fun with the new game, dude.
Seriously, i mean it. No point playing if it is not enjoyable.


Stay classy Overwatch fans. Keep our community name in good standing :slight_smile:

Guy actually posts a non-negative post about leaving with legitimate reasoning and this is the way we behave. Keep it up guys we have a toxic mentality to live up too.


It’s just a joke lol


also…not sure why its always so partisan…you CAN play both you know


Apex uses squad teamwork as a built in game mechanic. Overwatch uses rock-paper-scissors to attempt to push teamwork.

One of these works, one of these does not.


I agree with many of your points but OW is not a failed project. Im sure it well exceeded all expectations and is still a highly played game 3 years in.

They did lose sight of the fun aspect of the game. They are ruining it in my opinion but it did not fail


Agreed, I think there’s a lot of things content wise that would fix the game, but I don’t expect the dev team to be able to pinpoint what would bring more players in or retain existing ones


Sums up of the Overwatch community.


You know that you can play more than one game?! Shocking, i know! But it seems that a lot of people who started to play Apex only played one hyped game per year


I thought jokes were meant to be funny?



Seriously though if your having fun go have fun.


Also pro-tip you can play Apex an other games as much as you want.

I haven’t touched Spiderman or Tekken 7 in months (waiting for Julia) but I never felt with Apex that I gotta go all in playing nothing else or I can’t enjoy.

And if Apex gets stale one day you don’t have to stay with it out of some blind hope it can get better. It’s a great time to be a gamer cause you never run out of options to play.


To ALL replies: I see now that this post looks a lot like a “I am leaving post” which has been done and redone by so many players. I never should have titled it that. if you read the comments its more about how Blizzard has unfortunately dropped the ball on the game and that now it may be too late to get their community back. It wasn’t about me leaving. (I retitled the post accordingly)

To this comment, YES anyone can play multiple games, but they cant play multiple at the same time, so when someone finds themselves thinking “hmm, what do I want to play now?” I fear that the answer will no longer be overwatch, for the reasons I listed. They could still choose an entirely different genre of game because their in a different mood but its getting hard to see them picking class based shooter overwatch over class based shooter Apex, but of course there are plenty of people that will keep up with both.


Exactly why people (myself included) are leaving OW in droves. The game breeds toxicity, and now the playerbase’s default behavior towards each other is hateful.

At least in Apex you can mute all comms and the in-game voicelines/ping system means you can play well without speaking to a single online random.


I fully agree, you make sure you have fun👌

This was a good post, it wasn’t just “I’m leaving” he made valid points.

That’s ok👏

Man some people really like to defend activision😂