It feels as if the game skips frames


Since a couple of weeks I’ve insane frame drops. The game just randomly drops frames. It happens before the match and during the match. I already googled a lot but could’t find a working solution. I’ve already disabled game DVR for instance.

I’ve read that it helps to post a DxDiag file. Mine can be found here: h ttps://
The file was too large to enable in this thread.

I’d love to solve this problem since its really frustrating to play like this.

Did you run this after the issue occurred? There are zero errors in the report, which is very unusual.

Device Name: Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2
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It’s possible that the cause is one of the issues mentioned in the sticky threads.

Yeah I played for a few hours and after that I created my DxDiag file.

I removed my version and downloaded the newest one. Still the same problem. I still need to disable the Overwatch colors on the keyboard(i think razor calls it connect). I’ll try later tonight if this fixes the problem.

Thanks for your help so far!

Edit: I disabled the keyboard colors for Overwatch and the problem still occurs. The problem seems to start the moment I click alt + tab. Ofc I tab back in Overwatch the moment the game starts.

Sounds like it could also be a network problem like i’m having on peer (you won’t use that one if you’re not playing from the eu) with spikes up to 1000ms.
It’s been more then a month now and cannot get a propper game without the lag.

Many of the Blizzard peers will show values into the 1000s because they ignore ICMP traffic (which is what pings and winmtrs use), so it inflates the number. But I don’t think this is related to the OP’s issue.

Did you hunt down the files they mentioned in the sticky thread?


Yeah I did. The files did not exist anymore on my pc. I still have the same issue, even though I disabled the Overwatch keyboard colors.

Okay, we have two other options. One is to look over a networking test, and the other is to monitor your hardware while playing for a while.

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Share your results in a reply:

  1. Click the “Copy Text to clipboard” button after you’ve finished the test.
  2. Paste the text in a reply, highlight it, then click </> on the post editor.
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Sorry for the late response. Yesterday, I did have no problem playing the game. Today however was pretty bad. Here is a screenshot of my temps after 4 games.

I’ll do the network test later today or tomorrow.

Where’s the temps and data for the rest of the hardware? That’s only your CPU.

Yeah true, too much information to post in one screenshot. The GPU was around 65 degree celsius. I’ll post a screenshot later with the other information

Try removing the Razer software completely from the PC- not just updating it. The game was literally unplayable for me with the software installed for a long while. No, you won’t be able to adjust your keyboard colors; unfortunate, but at least the game is playable.

Otherwise, if you are using Reduced Buffering, you may be suffering from that bug (since you say it happens after you alt tab), where you need to set it off then on again after tabbing in and out.

However, the game doesn’t like being alt tabbed no matter what, so the optimal option is to never alt tab- that’s of course sometimes unreasonable.

btw- 44c on idle (if you alt tab and put the game into the background, the game goes into an idle state where it limits itself and its usage, so you literally need to keep the hwm window open separately, in windowed modes if you have to to see REAL temps during gameplay when things actually heat up) is actually kind of hot. Note that opening hwm at all adds +20c to the max values (So you need to reset the min/max from the views option before letting it monitor), so it’s probably not an accurate estimate of temps during a, for instance, team fight, where even alt-tabbing during the fight will RAPIDLY cool your cpu down as it goes into a lower power state.

Make sure you dust out your PC, that makes FPS averages drop dramatically as well, even when all should be fine since temps hurt even more.

This is the result of the network test. I played 1 game of quick play. I do have to mention that I did not encounter the problem during this game. I’ll keep running the program. I’ll provide a new pastbin with the results if I encounter the problem again.

Yeah I know. The max temperature during OW is like 70 degree Celsius so I don’t think that will throttle the cpu. I checked the clock frequency and it remains at 4700 mhz.

I never play with reduce buffering because of that bug.

I’d like to thank both of you for your support. Hopefully we can find a solution!

I played an entire game of comp and did encounter the issue. Here is the network result

There is a bit of lag within the ISP’s network, it’s not consistent, but it’s there. - 0 | 1466 | 1466 | 5 | 15 | :x: 93 | 49 | - 0 | 1467 | 1467 | 5 | 12 | 36 | 11 | - 0 | 1467 | 1467 | 11 | 19 | 39 | 16 | - 0 | 1467 | 1467 | 9 | 20 | 83 | 15 | - 0 | 1467 | 1467 | 11 | 23 | :x: 672 | 26 |

Nothing you can personally do about it, it would be issues the ISP has to address. But in all honesty, ISPs don’t usually care unless you’re losing > 2% of your data. At least that’s how it works here, but since you’re in the EU, maybe it’s different? :woman_shrugging:

That sucks big time. Now that I think about it, the problem started when I bought a new router. I’ll try to test if the problem still occurs with my old one. Thanks for your time Nicole!