It amazes me how the devs balancing decisions can be sometimes spot on or completely off track


Every changes listed here are such good decisions, for every hero listed there is a problem they’re facing that is being resolved or at least there is an attempt to resolve it.

I can’t believe the same team gave Sombra such off tracks changes that resolve absolutely nothing and will make her overall worse than she is right now.


Thats because in the case of Sombra they were under greater pressure from the overreaction from her buff. I bet if they had given Blizz more time to deal with it internally they wouldn’t have broken her immediately


I’m not sure about that. THe only thing Blizzard had to do is listen more closely to the forums feedbacks that gave realistic buff ideas. It’s not really a matter of time imo


The fact that they patched her without a PTR shows how they rushed it out based on backlash. They mustve really been freaked out by pro reactions.


Legit, these are PERFECT support changes. They’re minor. Not soft reworks or changes that force you to completely readjust your playstyle to get value out of them.

Then there’s Sombra who it looks like they just threw a bag of scrabble pieces onto the table and just tried to form words using nearby letters to write a list of ideas for her.


Oh if you’re talking about that I completely agree. If we talk about The most recent changes though, they weren’t in a rush at all


I feel like they will be doing some more changes. They clearly got our feedback and have translated it inti her decloaking and translocator buff.

Hopefully they can figure her out soon. I feel like a buff to get get in her right place will only frustrate people who don’t like being hacked (which is dumb but it might cause another issue). Fingers crossed


Except no? The mercy nerf is a bad nerf. Rez as always and since day 1 is the issue of her balance.


I’m really worried about her translocator being destroyed by the enemy and the incapacity of contesting a point while invis. These are core elements of her design and from what I’ve seen so far, Every buff they’ll give her means a nerf to “balance” it. Really I don’t really have high expectations for Sombra’s future in the game…

Mercy’s healing output is huge. She has always been the best healer in the game. Healing through a beam you can’t miss with great mobility gives her a huge advantage over the other healers. She might need more changes though


True, but the dev’s were more concerned over raw numbers to do with support and the value they output, sombra, on the other hand is more like on a tightrope, if she is changed only a tiny bit, she could go either way off the tightrope and into F-teir ( she still is but whatevs). She still can provide value and I want to be a sombra main but am reluctant to want to see her in every single game possible.


Shes’s not the best healer due to output. She’s the best healer because she’s the only one with rez. Both ana and moira heal more than she does. They just don’t have the benefit of bringing back someone from the dead.


Ana’s problem is her M1. So they buffed her ult.
Mercy’s problem is her M2 and rez. So they nerfed her M1.
Baguette’s problem is her damage. That’s untouched.

Lucio’s changes are the only ones on-track. Everything else is a mess, as usual.


Atleast they didn’t nerf Mercy’s gun this time


this never happened before. Even after Sombra received her buffs, her pickrate didn’t skyrocket. She got panic nerfed by the devs instead of letting time decide whether or not she was OP #ThanksProPlayers.
I think they’ll never be a Sombra meta, they’ll always give her a nerf for any buff she receives to make sure she stays trash


The changes are good for the individual supports, but I question whether an overall buff to healing is warranted when it’s already necessary to pick high burst damage dealers to get anything done.


I LOVE these changes!

  • Mercy can now be out-healed, which is fine considering her relative ease of use.
  • Brigitte’s strongest tool, the Shield Bash, has been toned down, and with it, a good deal of her overall power as well. She’s still tough to take down, though, which is fine.
  • Ana now has the most powerful singular burst heal in the game
  • Lucio is now able to defend his team against even stronger burst damage, and his aura is slightly bigger!
  • Moira passively recharges her healing resource a little faster. Yay…?

Overall, I think the dev team really outdid themselves this time!