It’s pretty great having Assault back, but…

I didn’t realize that the mode was open queue only until like 3 rounds in.

Holding out hope 2cp gets reintroduced into permanent rotation. It would be interesting to see how it would play within the intended balance of 5v5.


Oh man, I still have PTSD as a main tank attacking first point on Paris. It was a horrific experience, which is a real shame as the art work was S tier for the map. If they redid the map though I’d give it a shot.

But I just can’t play that map right now in it’s original state lol

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reintroduce 2cp, but with no paris and lunar colony LMAO. those are by far the most despised maps in existence and should never return


I tried playing it for nostalgia, got HLC went tank, had my other 4 teammates pick dmg (who even plays dmg in oq these days it’s a pointless role), remembered this is arcade rules and even if we did ok you don’t get a/d, left. I wouldn’t call this having it ‘back’.


I got Volskaya on my first go few days ago, and surprisingly I enjoyed it-when I hated it in OW1. Was a fun match even though we lost

Wasn’t 2CP available in the Arcade from time to time since day one? Is there anything new or special?

People have said it has been there at times yeah, not sure how often though as I rarely go to arcade.

I think it should be fixed as one of the permanent modes in the Arcade, as all the other modes are freely available at all times both in Open and Role Queue. Make it 6v6 and we have a sort-of-Quickplay-Classic type of deal happening here.

… but it would still have all the problems it had before lol.

Im not surprised as the most team centered game mode it draws people like me who enjoy flexing for the sake of the team.

The 2CP + OQ is marginally better than 6v6 2CP + OQ. At least you reduce the potential of having 6 heroes in the game causing you to blow up and it being easier to get around the annoying choke points. Fights feel like they take place on point more frequently than getting stuck at some gate.

OQ pretty much ruins the mode as there are actually team compositions that make it way too difficult to get anything done. Forcing 1-2-2 ensures that choke points aren’t impossible to get around, you always have a little bit of everything, and you aren’t in situations where it feels like recontesting is just a suicide.

I agree, should be back in perma. I mean I don’t play as lot of Arcade, I play it very little but I know it would make a LOT of players very happy.

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I mean they already have 2 crap gamemodes in the rotation. Might as well add a third, slightly less crap mode.

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You call them problems, I call them the challenges.

I wish we could’ve gotten a soft role lock system before we got the hard lock system.

2-2-2 (or even 1-2-2) would’ve been fun to have completely open amongst a coordinated team that was able to flex between roles.

I’m not a fan of the tude, but I respect the crap out of that outcome.

Flashpoint is way better than Push and 2CP. Push is marginally better than 2CP because it can actually end in 10 minutes and doesn’t even have rounds to be forced to wait between, but it’s still not good.

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I kinda liked the low gravity gimmick. I wish that could be more prevalent in that map. Eliminating the chokepoints and free high ground on 1st would be nice too.

Nah. Flashpoint is equally as bad as push, and both FP and Push are worse than 2CP ever was

I love the low gravity & zero audio gimmick of space, but unfortunately there is like no reason to ever go out there, and everything else about the map is terrible.