Issues with SMS aren’t gone

I didn’t know that but that doesn’t change anything I said at all

Their post says SINCE June 2021, not prior.

I thought it was June 6?

June, sorry, typo.

Wording is weird in that post. I’d say wait for it to go live and if he still can’t get it worry then.

That update is not live yet, we are waiting too, guess we have to be a little bit more patient


This wording is confusing. It’s not clear if they mean accounts played on since June 9 or accounts created. But if it means created then the part about making it accessible to the majority of previous players doesn’t make sense. I assume you are in the clear as long as you logged in between June 9 and when they started the SMS project. Either way my boyfriend should be fine then.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, it seems I’ve been misinformed. I don’t always see the original post but I see people talking about it. They probably got confused themselves.

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Don’t worry about getting confused I was reading this post with my BF the other night and even we were confused by some of the wording in their post. I hope it works out and your BF can play!


I assume it means the accounts created before june 9 2021, Could be the other way around too but that would be more weird I guess… I am fine eitherway I played at those dates but still weird wording I agree

Yeah the wording is pretty confusing. I’m waiting for the fix to be implemented as well and I’ve been playing since… 2017-2018? Something like that, but my account is older.
Still don’t know how my phone is prepaid though… Either way, I really hope it goes through relatively soon and we can all play again. D:

This is a common misunderstanding.

It’s any Overwatch player with a connected account

If you played Overwatch one time on PC in 2016, then you won’t have the SMS requirement.

The June 9th 2021 date was only mentioned because console players had to connect accounts to by that date, meaning all but not only Overwatch players who played after that are exempt.

That’s what I thought at first too. If that is the case then the points made in my post still stand since my boyfriend made his account after that date.

Yea I don’t think they will allows Russians to change their phone numbers.

He is not Russian anyway

Do we have an estimate on when this update goes live?


Meh the game sucks now that they’ve abolished arcade modes. Im actually having fun playing DIABLO III this season which doesn’t require me to give out my phone number ha ha ha ha

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OW hasn’t been $40 for a long, long time…

I’m not sure how much it was when he got it but I think he got the legendary edition when it was on sale for $40

When I tried to launch the game now (by pressing I already added a phone number I got an error saying; “the application encountered an unrecoverable error” maybe they are implementing the update as we speak

That would be about right then, I recall that pricing period.

It also says all ow1 players with a battlenet account connected, so as long as he had it connected he should be able to play when they change it, they only included June 9th because that was when they started needing it for crossplay