Issues with ping

I see on stream and from other people that they either get around 20-50 ping if the server they are playing on is close to them (Ex: New York, East Coast Server) My ping is almost always 60-80 Living in Minnesota. I couldn’t tell you if I’m playing on East or West at anytime. I think my ping is higher than it should be because I’ve played games with an East and West server and my ping is always lower than 50. Overwatch is the only game I’ve seemed to have this issue with. I know its an issue because I tried a ping lowering or better “routing” service trial for 7 days and my ping was around 20 everytime I played and it felt so much better. Not sure how to remedy this but, I’d really like to resolve this. ( after posting this I tried the shift+ctrl+n thing and sometimes I’m on the west server and randomly I will connect to saa1 and have like 200+ ping)

Unfortunately the routing starts at an ISP level. You can read an exhaustive thread about this here: Does the Chicago server still exist? - #21 by Nouveau-11437