Issues with Overwatch: Client not launching... Help?

So, I have decided to get back into OW on PC and after installing the update (I hadn’t played in like 8 months or so), I would click on “PLAY” in the launcher and it would look like OW would open, Blackscreen, and I go back to my desktop and OW didn’t launch. No window opened at any time, and the launscher goes immediately from “Playing now” back to “PLAY”.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled OW, I ran a scan and repair, I deleted the cache in the task manager. Nothing.

No my PC is not the problem, I can launch other games just fine. It’s just OW. ANy help/suggestions?

This is usually caused by the Razer Chroma software, are you using any of their devices?

Something seems to have gone wrong with the unistall of Razer. I deleted all the files, yet the game still didn’t work. So I reinstalled all the Razer files and noticed it was corrupted and would no longer work either. So I uninstalled all Razer apps again and NOW OW finally works. It only took me 8 days to get fixed!

Thanks for the help! Appreciate it! Be safe, take Care.

Had the same issue wiped everything drivers in game setting (which will take hours to reconfigure). uninstalled and reinstalled overwatch. It turns out it was razer. Here’s the thing I deleted it a week ago because I couldn’t stop it from loading on start up and couldn’t kill it in task manager and I have all logitech gear now. Just deleting it will not work even deleted it will cause issues. Razor software is worse than a virus. Update it repair it and then uninstall with the tool. Empty your trash can everything. Razer synapse and central and chroma are so sticky I’m surprised windows even allows you to download it anymore without a warning.