Issues that should be discussed

Before reading this, I’d like to make it very clear to all of the readers that this is going to discuss multiple topics regarding the game. This is why I have put it under the General Discussion topic rather than the Competitive Discussion topic. This is also not meant to be a personal attack but rather, an aggressive approach to Blizzard and the Overwatch development team since this is the only way to get their attention.

Dear Blizzard/Overwatch Dev Team,

There are a lot of problems with your game. Every developer knows that there will be problems with their game and people will point them out hundreds of times. So I completely understand that it’s hard to keep up with all of that. Especially considering the fact that your primary focus is being moved to Overwatch 2.

I’m sure we can all agree that Overwatch has more than just a handful of problems. And I’d like to take a moment with whoever is reading this post and is either a representative for Blizzard, a development team member, a moderator, or even Jeff Kaplan himself to think about this from a fan’s perspective.

The first problem that should be taken care of is how you handle community members and their actions in game. Specifically in the competitive play mode. When a team member leaves the game and they never make an attempt to rejoin, they should be banned from competitive for the rest of the season. No exceptions. The match should end immediately and nobody’s SR should be changed. I understand that some teams can work together and pull through something like this. But honestly, when you think logically about this, why should they put up with it when 9 times out of 10, the rest of the team will leave on their own. Most people who play competitive don’t actually care about anything but the numbers and they don’t want to put up with Quick Play where people leave religiously. This entire system makes the competitive community more toxic every time it happens. Especially when you’re someone like me, who has given up on their placement matches because their first 3/5 matches had a leaver in their team. There is no excuse for something like this. You can’t use the excuse of people with bad internet because people who have bad internet shouldn’t be knowingly playing competitive in the first place. It sucks but it’s true.

Next up, the character design. Myself and most of the community love the characters in this game. They’re all filled with great personalities and there is a lot of representation in the game. So I must applaud you guys for that. But the way their kits are designed sometimes make absolutely no sense at all. There is nothing wrong with the difficulty level of a hero. Most would say that the characters who have star ratings for difficulty are accurate. But why do we have heroes like Symmetra, Moira, and Torbjorn?

Symmetra’s turrets shouldn’t have been given extra health. They are supposed to be easy to kill one shot targets. Any hero should have no problem killing them if they know where they are and have basic aiming skills. The problem here lies with the health because if the turrets start attacking, someone can easily stack them at a high point and they can’t be one shot by every character. It’s especially annoying considering the fact that they do so much damage and even slow you down. I think the idea of a shield-granting support hero was great. But instead, you turned her into a damage hero and made her even more annoying after two reworks.

Moira has been a topic of complaint since her launch since she has a very similar weapon to the original Symmetra. Moira’s kit makes a lot of logical sense. Her abilities are like Dark Blue Moon’s barnacles. It drains energy and takes that energy to make it useful to Moira. But why in the hell is Moira a support hero if she has limited healing? She does a lot of damage per second that can easily be taken care of by a healer and another damage hero. The problem is how much of a pain in the [Bad Word] she is to take care of when you’re a one man, non self-healing, and squishy army. Counters play a big role in this game. It allows for great strategy but, the orbs should really go and Moira needs to be reworked to be a more healing based character since that’s the original focus of her. I’m not saying to nerf her into oblivion to the point where she can’t even defend herself. I’m saying that she needs to be more focused on what you really want out of her character. It’s similar to Genji and Hanzo. Maybe, it would be better if the character was split in two to make a kind of duality in the story. It would easily make games more interesting and less annoying.

Torbjorn is a weird case for me. I honestly don’t dislike his kit that much. He should have the turret level up come back and the turret should be a squishy in general. By squishy, I mean 150 HP at maximum for the turret at any level. The biggest issue with torb is how his turret tracks you and his ultimate. I like the idea of torbjorn shooting out his molten core in chunks that can do damage over time. His ultimate could go back to the original one he had. With a kit like the one I’m describing, it would be an amazing devastating ultimate. Now, about the tracking. Why exactly does the turret show a direct line to it’s target? It’s a turret. Not a tracking device. The turret should be able to find you and occasionally miss shots if you are fast enough. Not when you use an ability like Moira’s fade or Symmetra’s teleporter. If a teleport-like ability is used to get away from the turret, it should be disoriented like a person would, and rotate to find either the target it had previously lost or a new target.

If these changes or similar ones are made, it would be a lot better for the game. These characters have a lot of potential to have the player be more active with them instead of just camping or harassing squishies.

Now I would like to talk about the community for a moment. You cannot blame the community for every little hiccup in or about this game. Especially when your endorsement level is based on activity in game. If someone is generally a nice person in games and are showing good sportsmanship, shot calling, etc. You shouldn’t just assume that because they take a break from the game, they aren’t going to be as good when they come back. Instead, endorsement level should be based on what it’s put in place to do. I personally hate the system. It adds nothing to the game and is a waste of time. People will automatically assume someone with a level 1 endorsement is toxic as all hell and someone with 4 is nice and peachy all the time. No, it’s not that way at all. People’s moods change all the time. Your stupid in-game system can’t determine that. My suggestion, remove the endorsement system.

And Finally, listen to your community more! Changes like the ones I have suggested and many more that are way better than mine have been suggested since these things started existing! It’s your game but the community is what makes it. The community is always displayed as toxic and salty because you guys never seem to listen. I fully expect maybe one or two people who aren’t working for Blizzard or the Overwatch dev team to see this and that would be the end of it. But if by some miracle, you guys actually do see this post, please take it seriously. Take a step back and ask yourself how much you guys enjoy the game that you’ve made yourselves.

TLDR: Get your stuff together guys.

Good luck,


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Long read, but i like it. Suggestions maybe a little far fetched but have an upvote and welcome to the forums.

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What an entrance to the forum!
We are going to like having you around.

OK, I can answer at least one question.

Sym’s turret is like that because she used to gave 6 of them.

They wanted the new ones to act like the old ones generally, so, when they reduced the number of turrets they put some health on them so they would survive roughly a shot.

That’s it. It is to emulate the fight with 6 of them without the clutter of having 6 of them.

As for Torb, he was the original anti flanker hero. Having the turret miss people moving at high speed wouldn’t achieve the same goals, AND the turret already gets less useful as he is played in higher ranks.

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yeah no

what a terrible idea

one computer mess up or a wifi disconnect at the end of a game means you never can play comp for the whole season

this would lose much of the comp playerbase

because overwatch creates a diverse cast so people can play someone they like best

because 85hps (now 65) would be so busted with no resource or limit

lol you just talked about things that don’t really matter about the game

fixing things that would fix the game would be: Mei, reaper, doom, hanzo, etc

I haven’t ever even noticed anyone’s endorsement level unless they were level 5

things like your post and changes are the reason why the devs don’t listen to the community
plain and simple

(not meant to be toxic/rude btw)


I honestly judge people with endorsements of 1 and 2. And usually I am right. You have to be a toxic rat to not be able to maintain a 3. I am able to do it on my freaking throw account for Pete’s sake.


  1. Standard compliment sandwich outline, only the type of sandwich you get at a greasy, hole-in-the-wall restaurant where the bottom bread just sorta falls out.
  2. Believes season ban any situation of leaving a comp game. Nope, don’t want to hear it, ban it.
  3. My skill! Skill is being compromised by Symm, Moira, and Torb
  4. Endorsements are a problem
  5. Listen to what “The community” wants, that will solve a majority of toxicity.

Sidenote: I do not claim to be for or against what this suggests, just breaking down the points of it… Some bias may be hinted with how I read the material.


And this is why they usually never listen to the forums.

There are exceptions for very good reasons… Players can be disconnected by accident. A one and done policy will never work for any online game’s competitive mode. How would you feel if you were disconnected by accident (including internet disconnections, power outage, or computer crash) and not be able to play the right of the season.

During season 1, the game used to adjust the SR calculation for when there was a leaver, this caused leavers to become more prevalent, not less impactful. Because of this Blizzard changed the rules so that the SR calcuation remains the same based on the results of the match. See this post for details:

As far as your topic in general goes, you may think the devs are not listening and I don’t believe that is true. Granted their presence here on the forums has been extremely light, and I wish for that to pick up more. However I think it works both ways. The developers have often posted great details to their balance philosophy and why the game works like it does. I have nearly every known published statement from representatives of Blizzard that isrelated to Overwatch listed and categorized here:

Is the game perfect? No. Is the game continuing to be improved upon? Yes.

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I was mainly using Symm, Moira, and Torbjorn as examples. I wasn’t blaming them entirely for the fault of the game. They are capable of being improved upon though. I do think Endorsements are an issue. They add nothing to the table as I mentioned before. As for the season ban, I would also recommend an appeal if that were to be a thing. You can easily prove if someone is being toxic by looking at their background and activity within the game they were previously playing. As much as I understand that the game is trying to reach all kinds of people, there has to be a kind of boundary. I look forward to Overwatch 2 because it looks like it might solve this problem in a way you don’t see to often. We’ll have to wait and see. I also would like to apologize if my post seemed disorganized, toxic, and unfair. I don’t agree with some of the points I’ve made. (I’ll get into that at a later date. Im only writing now because I have time to.) I dislike how the devs don’t talk to their community more though. I’m sure that developers look into the forums all the time. I think it would be equally fair to explain why they aren’t making certain changes instead of just not making the changes. That is one of the big issues. I’ve heard a lot about the philosophy of how they want to make the heroes in the game. I can understand wanting a diverse game that can catch a huge crowd of people. I also don’t like the same cookie cutter characters that have the same kits. I think a larger issue that should be looked into is how a kit is designed. Do they want a kit to be easy to learn and develop with or do they want to make a ch-ez hero?

As for the angry mom post, I feel bad about the way it was perceived. In game, I’m usually not a very toxic person. But it’s because I bottle up the anger I have from things I feel should be touched on. I still do believe that blizzard is somewhat responsible for community toxicity though. I’ve heard before that people would prefer someone who’s being fake-nice than someone being toxic throughout the match. That’s perfectly understandable. Why would you want someone bringing you down throughout a comp match? In the future, I want to discuss each hero on their own, how they can be worked on and what I feel myself and most people want out of the game.

I’ve made a few posts that were kind of toxic in the past because I actually used to be pretty toxic. I’m sure some of that shines through in my op. Someone (I believe a mod) mentioned that the devs are trying to listen but they just don’t happen to respond 100% of the time. I think these forums aren’t really doing them justice. I’m sure it’s hard looking through hundreds, if not, thousands of posts like mine, yours, etc. You get the point.

This game isn’t much of my main focus anymore as I’m working on a few things myself. So I’m not proud of it but this might be my last post for a while. We’ll see how things go in the future. Maybe there will be better changes that I couldn’t think of. I sure hope there will be.
TLDR: Thanks for enlightening me babes. Also sorry.

Disconnects because their countries fibreoptic cable is still archaic

-Perma Banned For It-

Yeah sounds like a great idea, chief.


I didn’t explain it as well as I would have liked to. That’s entirely my fault.

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