Isnt this gameplay sabotage?


you are not “allowed” to report ppl that do not switch…

but isnt it actually a teamplay sabotage if you completely throw in a teambased competetive game?

(i know its hard to discuss who has to switch off if everyone´s just dps but for me after i switched of to heal right after first death bastion without any tank is the one to dismiss his hero actually-if he refuses, its sabotage. but everyone ´s doing so tbh… :confused: )

maybe those matches should not punish leaving than… -.- a match left without one tank or heal at least is a waste :frowning: one single player cant fulfill both roles, even if he is willing.


Blizzard has decided the community decides what is report-worthy.

If someone says something that offends you, even if it wasn’t objectively offensive, you can still report them for ‘Abusive Chat’ and it is valid.

I was just thinking this today: A Sombra who is “trying” but only stealths into the middle of the enemy 1v6, unstealths and dies without accomplish anything cannot be distinguished from someone who is actually throwing.

I would report someone if they are not playing as a team player. At some point that behavior is simply unacceptable in a team game.


Technically it is not a violation to play a specific hero because that player believes they will have the best chance to contribute to their team in that match, even if the other players on the team disagree with that player.

That being said I strongly encourage as a player (remember I do not represent Blizzard Entertainment as a forum MVP), to never strictly one trick in the game. I think it’s unreasonable to expect players to play a specific hero that they are not comfortable with if other players direct them to. However, I do believe all players should effectively learn at least three heroes at minimum to have the best chance of being able to provide for their team in every match. Again this is just my personal recommendation and opinion.

Anyone who specifically tries to hide behind the rule of “one-tricking”, more than likely to be inadvertently be committing code of conduct violations. Here is such an example of a player, claiming to one trick Torbjorn but actually was being in severe violation of abusive chat and gameplay sabotage.

All players are expected to perform to the best of their ability and use whatever heroes they see fit to try and win the game.


yeah i know, thats the problem. but objectiveley playing bastion without any tank (on attack) isnt that well contributing as a tank. the problem of course is, that noone else decided to switch as well (another dps switching to shield tank would give bastions right to be back). not easy to tell who has to do the first step than but the game still is a waste if nothing happens…

one trick may be the problem, but maybe its just ignorance or a never mind attitude and because of this reason those actually nice “niche” picks were reworked so they have more persistence ingame… i refer to a sentence i read from jeff about torb as an example (cant quote it right now though)

but its said that gameplay sabotage isnt about people that do not want to switch their hero^^