Isnt there a contenders match today?

im still confused about the schedule


Yes , in about 3 hours , be prepared, check wyoming thread for a very good schedule , next match is 22TH.

The contenders website is awful. Does it just appear on the main page because I never see anything.

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On the main page when it goes live so I’ve been told.
In two hours from now it should be up.

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yes when the stream starts ,it will appear on the main page , like OWL.


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weve yet to have one outside of the very first day (which was in middle of night for me)…gonna assume its like OWL and shows up on front page once its live

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22nd :smile:

Thanks for the correction , English is not my main language and im still learning :sweat_smile: .

There’s not even a countdown :thinking:

Because its Contenders , obviously it wasn’t made professionally like the Overwatch League , hopefully it gets upgraded in the future.

I still have no idea where to find this stream. I am on the contenders main page and there is nothing.

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