Isn't Mccree' right click buff too much.. or something


Been watching Taimou a lot lately, and man that dude abuses Mccree’s right click too much. Was his buff too much or what? Talk to me forum!


According to overbuff McCree is still Trash tier


Right click is insane yup. That still makes him suck because that’s not what he needs to be viable. Kind of same with Reaper.
They don’t need to deal more damage, their damage is already really solid, they need better sustain/mobility.


There’s a difference between frustrating and op.

A lot of the times, things like Hanzo one shots, Doom one shots, Mccree FTH, Sombra hacks, Roadhog hook, even Brig shield bash. Aren’t the best hero’s, however what they do is incredibly frustrating and cheap. It can feel like there’s very little counter play when you’re hit with any of them. That’s why it feels op.

I do believe these types of things needs need to be addressed. They are, unfun to play against. But this doesn’t mean the hero needs to be nerfed. They need a fair change. If those things were to be nerfed or removed. There also needs to be a buff.

So with McCree, I do believe FTH is frustrating to play against, however, his ult is pretty trash. A new ult would be fantastic.

That would be my preferred change to him.


All it does is click wounded tanks… tired of this silly overreaction to this buff… its 60 pts more damage, that’s it. When everyone aims like this guy we can talk about it. You could always use right click the way he did in that video, there’s nothing new except the renewed shaming for it. No character should be shamed for using their kit as Blizz designed, except maybe Brig and Moira.

EDIT: If you got two headshots point blank and not one, then its only 50, not even 60. Still way more than enough kill squishies like it always has, all it does now is let wounded tanks go down easier, and shield breaking is easier…


It is a FPS people are suppose to die.

That is why mercy can rez people and respawn in like 8 seconds. If the forums had their way the only DPS left would be Solider 76


The thing is it’s not really about the dmg increase though it is nice. It’s mostly a delayed reaction to the decrease of the CD on roll that has made FTH so over powered. Add to that MCree’s stun stun and there is pretty much nothing you can do to counter the move other than simply “not being close”. Which has obviously been a failed excuse with other hero’s like brig before she got nerfed.

The main effect of the dmg buff to Mcree has meant even worse players who miss a few shots can kill 200hp hero’s with ease. Allowing FTH,Roll,FTH to delete two or more squishy hero’s almost instantly or one 600hp tank.

Imo there is no denying FTH/Roll is a broken combo right now. The thing is Mcree sort of got the Hanzo treatment. One broken ability to compensate for an other wise lackluster kit. FTH is just the new scatter arrow, except more reliable.


There’s plenty of denying, and the second paragraph I made first here shows the root problem - herp derp “bad” players are getting more kills. This is true with every buff… so what is the issue exactly except now you think it is demeaning to be killed by it except it’s a “lower player”…


Uh considering I’m in bronze I really don’t think Lower players exist… so no it’s not some kind of elitism thing. It’s just boring and un fun to turn a corner and die. Instant no reaction to save you nothing. You can’t even say “listen to the audio cues” because Mcree’s like to lurk like reaper now.

It’s not like I am dying all the time to Mcree or anything but that doesn’t mean I can’t say it’s not a good thing. Considering almost ever nerf in the game has been about a balance between effort and reward I find this change very strange.

Plus as many have said it hasn’t helped Mcree at all. One OP move isn’t enough to make him worth picking. But as long as he has that much like Hanzo and Scatter Arrow blizzard really can’t buff anything else.

Ultimate’s like Tracer’s bomb have harder time getting a kill than FTH.


Well, honestly, what’s the difference between a Widow shot, a Spamzo headshot or being spammed by a JR player? They are all annoying ways to die pretty quick if not instantly… I will say the McCree spawn campers are bad, but its about like the Mei’s who enjoy walling of their team, etc… it’s part of the kit, or the lame Lucio’s that wait outside Volkskaya spawn to get that one or two environmental kills… its tacky, but what can you do? The devs based on evidence of power creep, healing, armor etc. saw the need. Personally, I think its absurd he doesn’t have say 10-20 pts of armor… I would rather have had that, or a faster charging ult, but I don’t make the game. That being said, most new McCrees will give up at higher ranks, and honestly unless you are running a wounded tank, its no different than before…

What is different is a new crop of players who avoided McCree have decided upon hearing he is not “good” are trying him out, expect in about a month 90% to have gone back to their mains.


One of the trends I’ve noticed with the balance team is that it’s choosing to buff the most abusive parts of hero’s kits instead of solving hero’s actual problems, so McCree and PTR Reaper are doing disgusting things in game vs fair characters but because they’re designs are inherently flawed vs the rest of the DPS cast they’re held back on ladder by snipers and flankers who just exploit them.

TLDR, Devs hate tanks and buff characters to make their lives hell while doing nothing to make the characters they buffed viable vs the good DPS characters.


I don’t think it’s overly OP, but it is very annoying and by no means the buff that McCree needed or that McCree mains asked for. I guess it improves his defense if he gets dived or against GOATS, but hitscan should be punished for getting dived, and McCree is not designed to take on GOATS.


Here are McCree’s competitive win rate ranks per tier on overbuff for the last month (basically since the buff went live)

Grandmaster: 2nd to last
Master: Last
Diamond: 3rd to last
Platinum: 5th to last
Gold: 5th to last
Silver: 6th to last
Bronze: 5th to last

He’s basically trash, and sadly, he is a high mechanical skill hero whose win rate actually declines as you improve.

You can’t really base any analysis on top 500/pro player streams or videos, which often showcase top players dominating lower skill players.

In many cases, those renowned McCree players are recognized and get an unusual amount of support from teammates. Watch a typical AimbotCalvin McCree video and you’ll see how much babysitting he gets from his healers and tanks.

The truth comes in the overall population stats (which overbuff, while not completely accurate, gives us some indication of) and what we see in pro or semi-pro games. In both cases, McCree is just not very good.

So to answer your question, the FtH buff is definitely not “too much”. It can however be argued that it was not the correct buff, as it hasn’t done much to help his win rate.


i think the big issue is that FTH kills squishies one shot earlier than pre-buff. This makes counterplay much more difficult as one shot later, the stun wears off and you can freely escape, but the new buff makes it so that he kills you before the stun times out. None of these number matter in the higher tier, but in lower tier where people cant as efficiently take down a mccre, this change is groundbreaking and causing a lot of hatred. Also, FTH does not require significant aim skill, which is why people are so peeved when a mccre versus any other out-of-position hero 1v1 almost indefinitely ends in mccree walking away unscathed and also makes it frustrating on a multitude of levels because your 100hr genji was T H W O M P ’ D by essentially hitting “e” and right click in your general direction. Counterplay is also pretty easy; adopt some good aim habits and kill that rightclick demon before he can get to your back line and put 6 rounds of lead into your supports. Hope this helps.

Also, im new to the forums and im not sure if this would be considered a necro, but if you looked at my IGN, you’d understand.