Is Widowmaker the hottest hero in the OW universe?

If you mean in lore terms, I believe it’s D.Va. She’s in movies and even Lúcio knows her.

If you mean literally, lookswise, it’s Ashe. Personality-wise, Moira or Sombra.

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Moira. Easy. Seriously would marry her if she asked.


You can’t call his face ugly. You can call his character ugly, gross, or any other adjective. Beauty is about more than just a face. People often look at the whole character as presented.

You can see Reyes face. He has that Blackwatch skin. Many people just assume he looks like a paler Reyes in fanart, or that there isn’t a difference in the looks.

Wow, did this really turn into a “is Roadhog hot or not” thread?

Posts that the OP obviously wrote with one hand down their pants creep me out. Keep it between you and the Paheal comments section, okay?

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She is basically Winter Soldier as a woman and no one has lit her on fire, so storywise: Absolutely not.

Might as well provide a full answer if you’re going this path. Junkrat’s hair is perpetually on fire, so he is the hottest hero.


Yes, that makes much more sense than someone who is so cold she is blue being thought the hottest.

Once you go purple the rest look like urkel

I think Symmetra is the hottest really. :eyes:


She has exquisite hips!


Going way back to the original topic, I would say D.Va/Hana is the hottest celebrity in the Overwatch universe. She is known as a world champion at gaming and a saviour to South Korea, Reinheart and Lucio both wanted her autograph, she starred the movies as seen in Hollywood; Heroes of my Storm, press portray her as living a life of “glitz and glamour”, she is the face of Nano-Cola and noodle bowls, she’s popular with social media, her photo is plastered on billboards and posters.

“D.Va… so hot right now… D.Va” :rabbit:


no, people literally think reaper, right now as he is attractive. Reaper who’s a murderer. the only difference between him and roadhog is that roadhog is fat. people are literally making up reasons to think roadhog is ugly (despite those some qualitys being in other characters fans think is attractive)


The projection though!

i said “i already knwo you can see his face in some skins!” and you said “You can see reyes face!” i know. your just ignoring what im saying. people assuming reaper looks likes reyes under his mask is fanon. doesn’t change the fact that we don’t actually know what he currently looks like. people literally thirst after reaper despite the “old soldiers” comic implying his face is monsterous, and him being a murderer. while we have 0 idea what roadhog’s face looks like people just assume he’s ugly because he’s fat.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fanon. Because the question is whether or not fans find him sexy. They have an image of a face in their head of him, and that will impact how they view his beauty.

I am not the one who literally ignored part of a statement, as you did when you cutoff the connecting part of that statement that makes it clear why Reyes face was brought up and why it addresses what you said.

so people find him attractive while his personality is “murderer” and the fact that he wears a mask all the time and its implies his extremely deformed under there. so the only real reason people would think roadhog is ugly is because he’s fat. it can’t be his personality (because reaper is also a murderer) and it can’t be because of his face because we have no idea what he looks like under there

what? i literally said

i mentioned one of your points about the fans assuming reaper still has reye’s face? what am i suppose to quote the entire post? is it impossible for you to read my post without pre context? is hard for you to remember with out all your own words being quoted?

I already told you other reasons besides just fat. We know more about Reaper’s motivations, which helps the audience sympathize with his character. And people have a face in their head for Reaper. It is not exactly the same. Since people have a face in their brain, and have not been shown anything to change that image, that is the one on their head. Maybe some people just imagine him paler because of his arm.

You cut off the connecting part of my statement that addresses your point. And did then had the nerve to continue complaining about your point being ignored when it was pointed out to you that it was addressed. The only person who ignored something was you.

and we don’t know about roadhog? his backstory is him and others being kicked off his land by the goverment to let in omnics (who at this point had tried to kill them) and him joining a resistance to get his home back and ended up destroying it. his motives are shown more in “wasted land” where he hates the world because of what the goverment did to him and how everyone forgot about the outback.
we already know alot about roadhog’s backstory. he’s not same one trick monster. he has a past and he has interests in other things besides killing (plushies,pigs, metal music) and people act like he’s some mindless monster when its clear he’s smarter then that. there’s no reason people should be able to sympathese with reaper, and not roadhog.

the comic “old soldiers” implys by ana’s reaction that reaper is deformed and horrifying to look at. so people thinking he looks similar to reyes is mostly just fanon. the only reasons youve given to people think roadhog is ugly (beisdes being fat is

  • his personality (despite the fact that he has cute interests and reaper has also murdered people
  • lack of backstory (despite the fact you can clearly know more about him by his bio and comic
    and thats it. he literally wears a mask. reaper once having a face doesn’t change the fact he probally looks extremely different from what he used to looks like.
    because roadhog wears a mask the only reason people would think he’s ugly is because he’s fat. its not because he murders people (because so does reaper,widowmaker, sombra,hanzo etc) it can’t be because "you can’t sympathies with him (he has a bio and comic showing his feelings and motives)

Oh my god

i literally mentioned one of your points! can you not read? do you need everything quoted for you? here

Look i quoted your entire post since its so hard for you to remember.

oh look you also only quoted the first part of my sentence and not the part where i mentioned me already know we’ve seen reyes face. and you didn’t even mention me already know that, while i actually mentioned one of your own points, funny