Is Widowmaker the hottest hero in the OW universe?

Hottest hero or hottest celebrity? The thread topic and the original post are different, and lend themselves to different interpretations.

If you mean by hero than Widowmaker is the game’s femme fatale. She is designed by the devs to be sexy. (Although everyone has there own bias, I personally like Mercy.)
If you mean celebrity then it is either Dva or Lucio, who both enjoy international fame.


personally widowmaker as a femme fatale hero never made sense to me. femme fatale characters tend to use their looks to distract they’re enemies, but widowmaker is a sniper, she fights enemies from super far away, so her dressing revealing to distract enemies never made much sense.


The hottest heroes are the ones that can cause the most violence, beauty is only skin deep, or muscle deep if you are going by thickness.

She distracts me, i am a seasoned player, but even I go weak at the knees when I face off against that sexy French sniper I feel like a school boy all over again.

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i mean if you find far away purple dots hot then thats your thing.


You must get reported for throwing a lot.

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You have no idea how hard it is…

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Catwoman is a burglar, she isn’t supposed to be seen breaking and entering either, but she still wears tight cleavage baring bodysuits. It’s a trope, nothing in the game is realistic anyways considering the ridiculous designs and abilities of the other characters.

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I’m not sure who to pity the most, you or the poor team who has the play 5 v 6 when there’s a widow opposing.

yeah but like catwoman is an up close and personal fighter, so like that kinda makes sense, but like widowmaker’s a sniper and also her character is suppose to be this emotionless killer. like i know what they were going for but personally i just think the design doesn’t make much sense. like yeah its a trope doesn’t mean i have to like it. (although i personally think the whole “distract enemies with sexy” concept is dumb by itself so maybe thats just my thing)


Are you talking about my team or the other team, I keep the other widow on her toes let me assure you on that we have a private one v one

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When Catwoman does her job right, she doesn’t have to fight up close. (She’s long gone!) You can make the same argument with Widow, as in two of the shorts released she’s had to fight hand to hand against Tracer.

Well at least your not detrimental to your team

I see it all:
You stand opposite each other, the rest of the fighters have since moved elsewhere.
She raises her scope and you-your fingers.
With nimble digits you type in her death sentence to the chat box:
She instantly cringe-quits, Your hailed as a hero, despite your team knowing little of what you did to banish the oppressive sniper.

I should take up writing…

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but she never uses it to her advantage. the closest thing to that is her Christmas highlight intro where she holds out a mistletoe then punches the camera (which i think is funny)
but like in comics and cinematic, in her in-game interactions and in her kit nothing really includes to that. she never uses her looks as a distraction in any comic or cinematic and her kit never uses it either. you could give her a more practical outfit and nothing would really change.
like i think the whole “use my sexy looks to distract my enemies” is a really dumb trope (just because catwoman does it doesn’t make it a good trope) and if they were gonna do it, than at least go all out. Like it feels like they made widowmaker than were like “Oh no we don’t have a super sexy character!!” then they changed her outfit and were like “they;re we did it!”

Like evelynn from League of legends is one of the most shameless examples of a femme fatale, but i can at least respect how “go hard or go home” they went with the concept.


You’d be surprised/worried how close you are to the truth you are. I have turned the tables on that sexy French sexbomb more times than I am given credit for.

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uh no its torbjorn ok

Roadhog has poor hygenie, a bad attitude and “gruesome” fingernails. You could easily find large dudes attractive and still find Roadhog ugly.

Poor hygiene? You can’t smell him. and none of his interactions mention him smelling bad. Bad attitude? so does reaper and noone thinks he’s ugly because of it, and also "gruesome fingernails? are you serious? they’s nothing gruesome about them. they’re just black. the same black that ashe’s nails are.

He and Junkrat both have visibile dirt on them. They look dirty. The other heroes have faces to go by, Roadhog doesn’t. So that is going to bring his personality more into focus in terms of his attractiveness.

I put gruesome in scare quotes because I think it was Jeff who said that wasn’t nail polish, but something more gruesome. The likely answer is that it’s radiation poisoning.

However honestly I don’t really see that conveyed in the art well, seems more like nail polish to me. Hence the scare quotes. The idea of it though is sad and tragic, but also a bit gruesome and gross.

so you can’t call roadhog ugly because you can’t see his face. because looks-wise you can’t prove he’s ugly.and if your rating him by “personality” well again people find Reaper attractive despite not being able to see his face and him being a murderer. the only difference between him and roadhog is that roadhog is fat. (i know you can see reapers face in his pre-reaper skins but i’m talking about people who are attracted to him AS reaper)