Is Tracer buggy or are these working as intended?

  • Pulsebomb: its so hard to land that just about the only thing that tilts me in this game anymore is to see the “stuck” message, the blink, hear the explosion, And then realize the bomb just disappeared.
  • recall: I dont know if controllers input lag is seriously that bad or if it’s a bug but on console you can press the button multiple times and have it not go off.
  • blink: the rubberbanding is absurdly annoying and it’s not fair to mcree players who land their flash bangs to have her pop up somewhere else.

I’m not certain any of these but the blink is bugs, but I’ve also been trying to find a list of her bugs and cant seem to find them. Does blizzard have a list of hero bugs compiled somewhere that we can look at?


Pulse bomb sounds like a latency issue. Latency is very important to hero like tracer, since it can mess up her reaction and blink dodge.

I don’t play on console to give my opinion, but on pc, I never have a problem with recall.
Flashbang sometimes cannot fully stop momentum, I wish it can. It’s the same reason why Genji can still dash through, or doom rocketpunch can still go through his flashbang.


Is latency like connection strength?

Yeah I figured I’d be hard pressed to find someone that knew specifically about this on console

Is that intentional or a bug?


Latency is your ping.

Flashbang cannot stop momentum is pretty common, I think it is intentional.
Flashbang doesn’t register on target is a bug (it happened sometimes)


These all sound like lag issues.
I play I console and dont have these problems.


All of these are caused by lag. It can cause projectiles to miss because the person was in a different place according to the server. It can cause abilities to not activate as intended, because they reach the server late, and rubberbanding is basically the definition of lag.