Is this the final OW 1 ranked season?

or will there be a season 36 before OW 2 comes out?
also our ranks are getting reset for OW2 ? like, everybody will start from scratch when it comes to rank placements

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I don’t think there’s going to be an MMR reset at all? Could be wrong though.

Absolutely ridiculous if they don’t do it though. It’s basically a different game, ranks shouldn’t stay the same.


They’ve added a T500 banner and spray for Season 36, so there will probably be another (last) season.

A hard reset sounds like hell.


nah you’ll be in the rank you belong in, I bet every masters+ player remains in that elo in ow2.

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By the look of it it (there are sprays for it) seems season 36 will be just a month.

As for resetting, they said mmr is not going to be reset. Nothing has been said for the sr though if there will still be fake placements.

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Not if their system is as good as they claim. They have to choose:

Is their system good? Then give us a hard reset EVERY SEASON!

Their system is trash? Then they should admit it.

You cant cherry pick and say “The system works perfectly but we dont make resets!”

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There will be one more season starting next Thursday at 11 AM PDT. We will have more details when the season begins.



Oh??? I sense some news coming down the pipeline! Hmmm

For the love of all things on earth. PLEASE do NOT force us to use 2FA mobile to play Overwatch 2.

Im not returning to this game if they do. The cell towers around here are less reliable than my Volvo VNL 300 Semi truck. No joke! :anguished:

You know you can use WiFi to get text messages right? Js


I dont own a smartphone. I have a cheepy flip phone. and NO it does not have wifi capabilities of that nature. and no, i do NOT own a wifi router either. I literally live in middle of nowhere.

NEED TO FORCE! to stop or cooldown the smurfs

good bye


You do realize that people with money are going to circumvent this system either way, right?

I dont have deep pockets to buy much of anything, but quite a few people have decent incomes in this world, and others will abuse the system. I’ve been here since 2.4.3 of The Burning Crusade, Had a guild and all that fun stuff. Gave plenty of mula to the Blizzard machine.

The whole poo show of Smurffs came brought to you via Blizzard for making the game DIRT CHEEP to buy on sales, and all too frequently. I dont know about you. But I LOVE to collect things from the game. So i like to play my ONE and ONLY account. Hence why I have a platinum border as a testament to my PLAYTIME and collecting within the game itself.

Looking on the internet here. I can use SMS generators and from what it sounds like. I could make LOTS of Blizzard accounts. Everything with Hardware ID spoofing to SMS spoofing. And each and every time I log OUT. I would be able to create an account. Everything from CHEATING, to acting like a really bad person is now at my disposal.

So you think mobile 2FA is going to stop this? Ever seen anything from DEFCON Las Vegas? Think again. As a collector it makes me VERY angry, but as a realist I understand the capacity of how this stuff works and how unreliable it will be.

I dont own a smart phone because I know enough how useless they are, in my neck of the woods. Towers are sparse, few and far and would be foolish spending, vs investing in actual hardware for the computer itself and what little cash I bring in any more, thanks to this wonderful (not) economy.

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here in brazil, giant, full of blind spots and middle of nowhere, there are still people with wifi and 3G, things are very precarious, then you tell me that there is no wifi or any kind of connection, good pc with internet you have or a console on the internet, so you can use them as a means of authentication lol

Everything has a way, there’s just no way if you don’t think.

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If I had to guess there’s going to be a “Competitive Overwatch 1.5” Experimental patch, which tries to do all the OW2 stuff it can with only OW1 assets.

And maybe spoofing visuals for stuff like McCree’s new flashbang.

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I live out on the plains and lovely VERIZON owns the towers around here. The surrounding families and our farms have all put in complaints to the FCC on this that the towers do not function to the capacity of which we ask.

Poudre canyon colorado is the same way. I use to go up there and Fish and stay in cabins, hike and all that fun stuff. But COVID travel etc etc. Want to talk about an area with NO reception or any “G” type signal. :skull_and_crossbones:

Anything West of Fort Collins along that Highway 14 doesn’t get signal for MILES on end.

Wait… don’t comp seasons last aproximatively two months?
OW2 is coming out in nearly a month so are we launching ow2 right in the middle of a new season despite the massive ammount of changes halfway in? :person_standing:
Like i’m assuming there is more to it but if its as if, i’m not a comp person but that sounds very counter productive.
Allowing to do placements before such drastic changes would be catastrophic

Thanks for posting on a sunday, WM. And thanks for the info. I look forward to hearing more about this… Strange season scheduling lol

Oooh, and to double down on this. What if the “Overwatch 1.5” had all the Support reworks, including the ones we haven’t seen yet.

People will definitely place where they are now, i just think that if they don’t it will turn people off because you can’t call it a new game and then keep your previous stats or else it’s not a new game. From a marketing standpoint it should happen