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I got D/C due to an inet reset by provider. Excrement happens.

I was able to rejoin the match and finish, and win. Still lost SR though.
At game end, I was suspended for 5 minutes.

Is that seriously the way the way it works?

Edit: great just went out again in the middle of a match. couldn’t rejoin (over) 1 hr suspension now. Time to play something other than Blizzard products. Sure glad I don’t spend money with them.

If you take more than 2 minutes to return to a match, you are automatically issued a loss on that match regardless of its outcome. More details here:

Yeah didn’t know there was still a time suspension even if you rejoined the match and played to completion.

Some one should inform the devs that:

Needs to be replaced by “is


May not be their intent, but that’s what is happening. ie: “It was not my intent to run the old lady over officer. Did it actually happen? Am I still going to be penalized?”