Is this player hacking?

You can watch a replay by using this code : 0XXSYJ (it’s the widow “Reaper”)


Don’t think so. Probably just a smurf.

After how hard he carried in the defend round I would not have taken the position the defence took on round 2. They should have sat on the cafe and near the point for more cover forcing the widow to take grapple shots or peek main/ push in.

I think he is cheating.

His aim is not extraordinary, but the way he plays is a bit retarded. Hard to tell.

That is the aiming I want to achieve.

100% cheating, 0 crosshair positioning, all pixel perfect headshots dead center, his sens is way too high to never overflick.
look at the first shot at the rein shield in slow mo also, he aims to low and the aimbot micro adjusts to the center of his head.
obviously hacking.


eh… idk.
I met players like that in masters games where I was just outclassed. I always assumed they were smurfs flexing on us. Some cheats also I’m sure.

I don’t like the scoped shots this guy takes at nothing, on the other hand people can aim like that without cheats.
If I thought I could kill your whole team I would play like this guy did. For the memes.

I think every single kill was a headshot. I don’t care how good you are, you are going to hit a body shot every now and then. Also, the random shots at the wall on respawn look like cover to lower accuracy stats to make it not look as suspicious statistically.

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