Is this game still "dying"?


I agree pve content would be nice. Competitve is a joke I’m not going to say im in the wrong rank but when the matches consistently feel bad there is something wrong.

My placement matches feel better than the ranked matches I get after placing I have no clue how to cooperate with people without them being arrogant and toxic to me.

Matches should be cancelled whenever there is a thrower throwers have a 3 strike or less chances to repent before they are banned from competitive for years. SR needs to be a flat amount so you if you lose then win you are back to where you were previously instead of a few points shorter than you were before.

Sr needs to be wiped every so often to allow players the chance to form teams and rank together with their friends instead of trying to become a solo queue pub stomper in a game about team work. Alternatively they could make it so that if you do placements together then your SR ratings should be within range of each other.


The game is fine.

It’s the forums that are a stinking pit of toxic sludge and should die.


The game has been on a stagnation for quite some time, even with the attempt of using events as an incentive.
Blizzard never releases their player count on their games except quarterly reports, but judging by the longer queue times experienced (especially in the EU zone), it is confident to say that many people are getting tired.
In my personal opinion, the game as a concept is not the reasoning, but I believe many people feel neglected by Blizzard due to their bizarre changes, and resource pushing into the e-sports team.

The hardcore fans have, and always will, stay. Though, due to the position of both balancing and content, it is clear that Blizzard are catering towards hardcore and professional players, rather than the casual and new ones.

Overall player count is consistent since there are many smurfs, but in terms of new players? For sure.

The game is more frustrating to play, rather than a source of enjoyment, at least in my opinion.

It is delusional to say that the game is “doing fine” when it is clear that there is a stagnation in the audience, but saying the game is “dying” is a little bit of a stretch. It will “die” if they don’t buckle up, though.


I got the game when it released and played for 2 years then took a break and now I’m back. So if there are others like me Im sure the playerbase is fine.


Its mostly dead. I have far quicker ques in paladins competitive. QP average que for overwatch, 5-8 mins and is usually backfill.
QP que for paladins, 30 seconds- 1min, back fill does not exist.

Competitive que for overwatch, 8-12 mins.
For paladins, 2-3 mins.

Que for left 4 dead 2, a 10 year old game. 12 seconds. Max…

This game is dead because of how long it takes for content and changes to come about.


Think it’s just stagnant. Nothing to HUGE has happened. Bap’s addition didn’t do much to shake up things same with the balance patches. So could just be that, it’s currently at a plateau.


No, Arthas is on the Frozen Dev Throne.


It will die for many years in blizzard pace.

Just like WoW. Look at BFA, it’s disgusting and everyone hate it. But they still support it.


While I can definately see a decline in players, it isn’t a game thaf’s exactly “dying”. People tend to exaggerate and if the playerbase drops by 0.0000005%, people will blow it out of proportion and claim the games is doomed and “dead”.

So no, I don’t think it’a dying. Player nunbers are certainly lower than lauch, (but it happens to every game) but it’s not dead.


I argue what keeps OW alive is the lore. A lot of us are still here because we like the characters and the story. The game isn’t bad, but with the story it’s just better.

I hope for a movie or at least some netflix type show for overwatch some day but yea… We’ll see lol.

The game has boiled down into those who truly enjoy what it offers and a few new players being pulled in by those player’s enthusiasm and love for the game. (oh and a few smurfs who just like to see the world burn. <.<). But the hype is long gone and the newness has dulled for sure.

IMO not dead, just aging. Bliz is good at keeping Methuselah aged games going on and on so don’t expect the reaper to come calling just yet.


Rubbish. What’s with people who are addicted to doomsday proclamations and negative vibes? Makes you feel better about your own miserable lives?


This is also something remarkable. Overwatch is pretty much a laughing stock nowadays in the general gaming communuty. It is sad, really, but it obviously didn’t come from nowhere.


All the people of note that are the media people for the game still have not come back. It’s just the whales making noise now


What is so rubbish about it? What did happened for the last 2 years? Recycled events and now even the Archives is getting recycled. The balance has been a main issue for all 3 years.

This game has nothing to hold. It doesn’t even have a progression system.
Nothing to do here. It is just an unbalanced frustrating mess to play.


That’s when I stopped playing regularly and, to be honest, I’ve yet to see anything that would give me cause to consider returning to the game in any meaningful way.


For starters, you said the game was dead. Dead, not dying. Second, calling a game “dying” for dropping down from a very high peak is misleading hyperbolic jive. And I agree with your specific criticisms, for the most part.


If by “dying” you mean being unable to get into a match during peak gaming hours, certain Arcade modes appear to be dead in Australia (queuing for over half an hour without a match).

At least QP and event modes still have queue times below 5 minutes.


I’m confused as to why you’re happy about that but also continue to play the game? If you want it to die, do your part and quit.


I would not mind if it did I only play the special events. Unbalanced crap what this game is. I’m on Paladins now and only play this once in a while. Anniversary is coming up so I’ll see how that is.


I feel like I am over it :frowning: - apparent " hardcore fan" - I moved to Mordhau ;p