Is this game rigged?! What's going on?!

You think 16 games of leavers wouldn’t leave you a little maddened?


So anytime you get mad, you go full conspiracy nutter?

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I’m not “full conspiracy nutter”, and i dont understand where your aggression is coming from. I would just like somebody to shed some light, because yes, i am fustrated and puzzled. Because I think this is very very absurd, I’ve never had this complete trainwreck of leavers and throwers.


You don’t have to be a “conspiracy nutter” to realize this game is rigged. It’s so easy to see you’d have to be a conspiracy nutter to NOT believe it.


Well, if the most prolific forum troll thinks so…

I already explained it to you. It is luck of the draw and your refusal to acknowledge it doesn’t change that. The fact that you immediately jump to any conspiracy theory (in this case that “it’s rigged”) makes you a nutter, in my book.

And reread this thread, with all your ranting, and tell me whose comments have aggression.

I can’t say for leavers, throwers etc

But I can say after a really strong Ashe performance hitting 41 elims, 4 deaths, 14,565 damage,17 dynamite kills, 7 bob kills, 46% accuracy scoped with 3 Golds and 1 silver medal - including play of the game with a victory netted me a 20 SR gain. Seriously?

Next game I flexed a bit seeing Ashe not working due to enemy Winston I picked Reaper lost 23 SR

Turned around with an average Moira performance for me with a victory and gained 27 SR

The PBSR is the rigged joke of competitive - it gives you whatever gain or loss it feels like. Literally can’t see a method to it nonsense.


Not aggression towards you. The game. And yes, I am very, very angry. Imagine 16 games of leavers, others throwers. And yes, im questioning the system. But I am open to others thoughts. Else I wouldn’t have made the title two questions

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Aggression is aggression, and you’re the only one here who’s angry.

You made it a question. The same way that people make things into rhetorical questions when, for whatever reason, they can’t say it directly. But it’s perfectly clear that your mind is already made up and “shed some light” is thinly veiled code for “agree with me”

That is really odd. With stats like that, surely you be earning more. I really don’t understand this game anymore

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If this game is rigged why did i hit masters in 3 seasons :thinking: Its always weird how when someone makes a new account they always end up where there other account is. Why when a top 500 makes a new account does he get to gm again?

Not sure. I’ve only made one account, this one. I’ve never tried it with another. But I get your point I think, although I don’t really know if having leavers is something controllable. Its not even like I’m getting the chance to climb.

I guess with a top 500 they also can do their placements on a new account and be placed very high. I shouldn’t have done mine while I still had a 15fps PC, else maybe I could have placed higher and climbed from there.

Yes, It is rigged…

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Well, the odds of this happening (losing 25 games in a row) is approximately 1 in 33 million. But more than 33 million people play the game, so it’s likely to happen to someone. Might as well be you right?

In addition, you can alter the odds with you attitude. You seem pretty tilted. Also, saying the system is rigged (if it’s rigged why now instead of the seasons you were in diamond?) instead of bad luck or bad play won’t help.

Unfortunately what you see is what you get. Many people will tell you not to blame your teammates and focus on yourself to discourage abusive behavior, but sometimes you just get a team full of herpaderps.

Nothing you can really do.

Personally I own multiple accounts because of this. Notification of start/end of season, holidays and early mornings are all times that I avoid playing on my climbing account.

But sometimes you just like to play the game, y’know? I still try pretty hard but I don’t have to be bothered by experiencing a lot of losses I don’t think I could change and I don’t smurf but I just cannot for the life of me stand playing the game during those times. Knowing how hard that SR can be to get back if you lose a lot of it, $30 is worth my peace of mind.

Haha, someone gotta take the bad luck load right : p

And fair point. I guess its just the fact everything was fine and then the sudden huge games of leavers and throwers that’s making me question it, if maybe the system has saw my placements and is purposefully placing me with players to put me down? But I can’t lie that is total tin hat material from me, but I have pondered it. I guess my attitude has diminished too, although I always have stayed true to being as positive as possible when in the games. Don’t want to CAUSE the leavers.

And @Warbourne, I do always play quite early morning, maybe that isn’t the best idea… I didn’t know some times were especially bad. But a new account is maybe something to consider

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Nope its been terrible today, last time i played was friday i climbed from 2555 to 2800 somthing it was amazing my teams stomped everyone was willing to switch, get on today exact opposite,

Lost 3 in a row due to people instalocking snipers and refusing to switch

No one thinks designing a system this way would be a good idea, and Blizzard has said they didn’t do things this way. Analyzed data indicates that Blizzard is telling the truth. I can get you links if you care. I’m on my phone at the moment.

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That would be great if you can thank you very much

The only thing I can consider for the strange SR gains and losses is if the match is “in your favor” or not
This is displayed at the beginning of a match your team SR vs opponent SR

The problem I have with this - I have more games “not in my favor” than I do favored.
This is something I tracked back in season 11. This factor goes into SR +- which has an obvious inherent flaw.

“I’ve seen comments like “I just won three games in a row, so the matchmaker put me in a bad stomp to get back to a 50% win rate”. It doesn’t do anything like that at all. It just keeps on trying to find fair matches. If you do win more than you lose, your SR will slowly go up. As that happens it’ll also put you up stronger opponents that match your new SR. That’s not so you lose, it’s to keep your matches fair.” – Scott Mercer Overwatch Forums

“At no point in MMR calculations do we look at your win/loss ratio and win/loss ratio is never used to determine who to match you with or against. We are not trying to drive your win/loss percentage toward a certain number” – Jeff Kaplan Overwatch Forums

Analysis of Streaks in Overwatch, confirming that no funny business is going on: Overwatch Forums

SR and MMR are only confirmed to disagree during decay and DCs. Even though MMR is hard to get a hold on (because it is invisible) we can see SR getting pushed towards a particular value, not by selecting opponents and allies to rig matches, but by changing how much SR is won/lost after a match: 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs)

General discussion of Overwatch’s ranking system: How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 13)

The philosophy behind most modern ranking systems (discussing Microsoft Trueskill, which is similar to Overwatch’s ranking sytem): Computing Your Skill

That should keep you busy for a while :slight_smile:

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