Is this a wall hack?


Watch the mcree within first 2 mins.

When I start crouching by his team, he looks at me and shoots circles around me on street.

Then he follows me to my teleporter all across the map.

nah doesnt look like it just gamesense

Does not look like it. Translocator shows in which direction you teleport. If he just drew a straight line in his head from the position you teleported from in the direction that the particles indicate he would know there are two health packs along that line and it is easy to add up where you went. You can even see that he locks for your translocator at the first health pack.

He does not really at you, he simply glances over you when aiming at other spots at most. When he first start shooting “circles around” you he simply does not have anything to shot at from the high ground that he holds. Since he did not want to give up the high ground but wanted to avoid being idle he started shooting at spot that there is not entirely unlikely that he hits an invisible Sombra, which he would know that you had if he brought up the scoreboard once, or even guess when he notice that there is not a second DPS attacking you.

Just game sense. First part is just random shots rather than actually aiming at you, he probably checked the scoreboard, saw the Sombra and just started shooting randomly.

After that, he just followed the direction of your teleporter and went for the nearest healthpack. He showed no indication of being aware that you were nearby when he went to it.

Note: Which is why i put the translocator on the roof or a hidden corner near the healthpack instead of directly on the healthpack.

Sombra is a stealth hero that clearly telegraphs her every move and easy to read for anyone that pays attention.

It felt weird with his tracking of me.