Is There Any RNG in Overwatch?

Oh no, definitely not. I agree with what you said and my original reply turns out to not be relevant to the topic.

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I dont think so. RNG is what TF2 has in the form of random crits what no one wants in OW believe me.

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i have tried to like tf2 for a long time, but its design is just to infuriating for me. the RNG being a large part of that disliking.

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I just don’t find it very engaging. It feels too…simple?

That’s not to say it’s a bad game. Because it’s definitely a great game. I just don’t feel engaged by the gameplay enough.

Ehh, what??

With your logic, then every single game out there, even Chess would be random, because hey, life’s random as well and for example you never know how good your opponent will be and if he’ll guess right and catch you off - guard with one of his moves, etc. and luckily win the game.

RNG/Randomness in a game should be directed by if the actual systems and mechanics of a game contain the element of lack from a forced and technical stand point.

For example, the most major for of RNG out of the bunch in Overwatch is its random weapon spread, which is also one of the main reasons why games like Fortnite will never be considered as true e-sports.

So, as in any shooter, the player can get lucky by himself and get a flick or a tricky headshot, but it’s much different in games like Overwatch, where that element of luck exists in the design itself and is system - induced, compared to CS:GO on the other hand, where there are non - random and learnable spray patterns of all weapons.

This is a very important distinction between these two forms of luck in games in general that we should stop conflicting them with each other already…

Tbh I’d say that Doomfist punches are nothing but RNG, you never know if a pebble counts as a flat surface and die, or a straight punch to a wall just ricochets you around.

My posts already discuss that I don’t count human randomness and the OP I made talks about bullet spread.

As I stated, bugs do not count as RNG as they were not intended and do not have intentional RNG programming.

Yeah there’s RNG, Samito and other DPS streamers/players have told me this, therefore it is correct and no other opinion needs to be considered. CHECKMATE OP.

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Every time the question pops up “which hero do you hate dying to” I always respond junkrat because of how random it feels…

I know it’s not random but that’s just how it feels…

Note: my answer would be different if scatter arrow was still around