Is there a difference in settings?


Between the settings, the preset is low and all items on the low or preset epic are manually set to low. since the weapon looks better on the epic and the background blur appears. I’m wondering if this affects performance and input lag



Yes there is a difference between these settings. It’s possible if you are seeing a blurry screen on high settings, that your Render Scale Resolution is set to Automatic, try manually setting it to 100%.

You may also review our performance guide Here for help adjusting your settings to the best possible for your system.



No, no, by blurring, I mean the background when choosing a character. I’m sorry, maybe I’m writing wrong. I use Google translator.
If it’s easier, I wanted to know if there is a difference between a preset low with low settings and a preset epic and low settings in terms of performance. changing only the preset but the settings themselves leave low



All the master setting “Epic” does is changes the individual graphics settings to the value we consider “Epic.”. If you bring them back down to low, then that setting is set to low. If you end up with the same settings, regardless of what you have the master settings set to, you will get the exact same performance.


thanks for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face: